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Mobile and Web Test Automation

August 20161

Who we areSaha Bilgi Teknolojileri (SahaBT), specializes in test automation solutions.

HQ is based in Istanbul, and is in the process of establishing an office in London, UK.

We have 70 employees, who are all software development, service and maintenance experts.2

The company is established in 2009 to provide software testing consultancy and professional services on Java.

What we do3Experts in Software Development and Test AutomationJava, Java EE, Software Development Lifecycle, and Consulting ServicesTest Automation Solution for Mobile, Web, Web Service


Test Automation


Moving forward together

Our Testing Products and Solutions4LoadiumMobile and Web Test AutomationTest Automation Implementation

24/7 Monitoring System

TestiniumMobile and web testingHosted services on cloudOpen source Selenium and Appium based Distributed, redundant architectureScalable mobile and web testing capacityMinute based pricing


Highly advanced test automation suite

Testinium for web

BrowsersResolutionMac OS XWindowsLinuxGoogle ChromeSafariInternet ExplorerMozilla FirefoxAll resolutions and versions of every browser

Operating SystemsOpera6

Testinium for mobile

Mobile PlatformsOperating SystemsDevicesBandwidthIOSAndroidAll IOS and Android versionsReal device pool with more than 150 devices*3GLTEWifi* Supporting mobile device pool with Turkcell, Trk Telekom and Vodafone operators7

Testinium features and capabilities45 million minutes/month website testing (scalable)Screenshots of every test stepVideo recordingOTP (one time password) integration7 million minutes/month mobile testing(scalable)

Local mobile carrier supportProject Management tool integrationInstant notifications via SMS or EmailHigh parallel testing capacities8

24/7 Monitoring System24/7 Monitoring System on Mobile, Web ve Web ServicesAdvanced rule based alarm systemAn advanced reporting tool


Loadium for load testingJmeter basedHosted services on cloudScalable capacityConcurrent user count based pricing



123Comparing request times of a static HTML file vs. a CGI ScriptProbing the limitsDefined in terms of concurrent users or HTTP connectionsWeb application loadTrying to find the maximum bandwidth a web server can serveBandwith11

Loadium features and capabilityReal time advanced reportingData-driven testing50.000 concurrent userscapacityJmeter compliantBandwidth testing with network simulationTesting APIs in minsAPM integrationReal time performance monitoring12


Distributed, redundant, scalable test automation on cloud


Testinium Test Automation Elements

ScenarioScriptsSource code

ReportsFinal execution and reporting platformReal device pools

Testinium Cloud Services We encourage our customers to develop skills to utilise Testinium services and our device poolsWe can provide guidance to customers during Selenium test script preparation around test scenariosTest processes and related documentation prepared and maintained by our customersWe can provide training and other consultancy services for our customers


Testinium cloud servicesEnterprise SolutionsThe solution entails customer specific adjustments and enabling customers to utilise Testinium services SahaBT can offer turn-key test automation implementation services including:Setting up a test procedure customised for customer business environment and targetsDocumentation libraryBase test cases scenario multiplication Selenium script preparation Maintenance


Vendor Independent SolutionTestinium test scenario scripts are owned by the customer If elected, customers can re-use scripts even on a SahaBT competitors product SLA warranted commitmentWe can link our service quality committment to a SLAProfessional ServicesThrough our large team of highly trained and skilled test automation experts and developers, We can provide tailor-made services to our customersOffer turn-key solutions Undertake complete test operation responsibilitiesBenefits of Test Automation with us

Our references16

Manuel vs Automated Testing17

Manuel TestingAutomated TestingCertain testing tasks are difficult to achieve manuallyManual tests can not be re-used No parallel testing optionLess test coverageIntensive resource dedicationOpen to human errorsNo set reporting schemeRuns tests quickly and effectivelyCost effectiveEveryone can see resultsLower maintenance cost Broader testing scopeWorkforce advantageFlexible executionQuality and control improvement


info@testinium.comThank you