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Agile Driven Company Development

Agile Driven Strategy Execution

Who Am I?2arnas KasnauskasBusiness Intelligence and Process Analyst @ Baltic AmadeusOver 2 years @ BA

Skaidrs pavadinimas


3The problem of executing strategic goalsKanban in a nutshellHow we applied Kanban boards as a solutionThe overall benefits

Strategic Management4

Mission,vision,values strategic goals action plan you execute the strategy the loop continues endlessly.Skaidrs pavadinimas

Whats the problem? (1)5Sailing smooth until we get to executionBalanced Scorecard and KPIs great for monitoring and evaluationWhat about the specific objectives and tasks to beat those KPIs?Incorporate yearly goals?

Managing strategy is smooth sailing until you get to execution

Kpis good to check the health and progress

Yearly goals how do you make sure they are relevant to strategy and done as intended?Skaidrs pavadinimas

Yearly goals?6

Whats the problem? (2)7Yearly objectives to reach strategic goals have no centralized execution processTherefore:Lack of accountabilityNo birds eye view of the progressAdditionally:No strong link between Strategy and day-to-day activitiesLack of inter-department synergy

Skaidrs pavadinimas

What is Kanban?8Inspired by Toyota Production SystemUsually, a board with cards on itTeam pulls work from the To Do columnA work-in-progress limit to prevent overloadingNo use of time boxesMaximizing productivity while reducing idle timeWidely used in software development

Kanbanin softwaredevelopmentis a specific shaping of anagilesoftware methodology

Lean manufacturing,

Can be physical or digital

Number of columns can change

Time boxes used in Scrum or Extreme programmingSkaidrs pavadinimas

Main benefits of Kanban9FlexibilityVisualizing workflowLimited wasteImproved coordinationContinuos delivery

Fleixbility in priorities. In Scrum you cant take any more work into an iteration.Understand the process betterWasted time doing work that is not important or that is not needed (backlog column)WIP limit brings the alarmUnlike swaterfall methods you get continuos delivery to customer. A lot of opportunities to adapt to changing requirements

Skaidrs pavadinimas

How can we deal with the problem?10Why keep Kanban only for the developers?Use a tool already used by our production teams (Atlassian Jira)Create a system of aforementioned Kanban boardsCreate a feedback cycle for continuous improvement

Going back to the problemTool already used by developmentSkaidrs pavadinimas

How does it work? (1)11List of yearly objectives dictated by strategy, written out by the managementStrategic goal -> Objective -> TaskThe objectives are prioritized and added to the Kanban of KanbansThe objectives are assigned to organizational unitsEach unit splits the objective into tasks within their own Kanban Board


How does it work? (2)13Tasks are given a deadline, a definition of doneEach task is linked to the strategy goalsTasks are pulled from the Backlog on voluntary basis

Everytime you enter a new task you think about the strategySkaidrs pavadinimas

How does it work (3)14Tasks and objectives are moved between columns while status is transparentReviews for each unit bi-monthly or more oftenDynamic new task assignment and modifications

Kanban of Kanbans15


Unit specific boards16


Tasks with the closest deadline sgo at the topSkaidrs pavadinimas

What did we achieve?17Accountability though voluntary assignments, deadlines and clear definitions of doneBirds eye view of progress through the Kanban of KanbansA link between strategy and day-to-day activities through a strategic goal attribute for each taskInter-department synergy though the transparency of objectives and tasks as well as cross-unit objectives

Linking back to the problems we were facing

Accountability objectives are assigned to units by management while the tasks are taken voluntarily as an agile practice.Skaidrs pavadinimas

What can anyone take from the approach?18Visualizing the workflowSetting prioritiesStatus transparency = additional synergyShort feed-back loop continuous improvement

Vizualizing helps to feel the big picture, doesnt need to be as specific toolPriorities if we had unlimited resources we could do EVErything now!Feedback loop, review meetings, daily/weekly standups flexibility and learning by doing.Skaidrs pavadinimas