Chapter 9 The Trip To The Promised Land

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Moses- Leading the Hebrews from EgyptMiddle School Religion 6-8


  • 1.The Trip to the Promised Land Moses leads his People


  • Israelites overjoyed about freedom
  • Headed to Canaan
  • Miriamsister of Moses
  • Aaronbrother to Moses
    • sang songs; played tambourine


  • No GPS system in the wilderness
  • wander many years
  • transition from slavery to free people to serve God


  • Headed to Mount Sinai
  • God helped lead the way
  • God tests the Israelites


  • Complain, complain, complain..
  • They did not always follow Gods will.
  • Forgot what God had done for them.
  • Grumbled against Moses for their hardships

6. God always pulled through!

  • Hebrews doubted/God showed faithfulness
  • God performed miracles
  • complaint of bitter waterGod had Moses change it to drinkable water
  • no food/quail
  • more food/manna
  • more water/water from a rock

7. Moses is reunited

  • Moses reunites with his family
  • All continue on the journey
  • Exodus/journey are signs of God leading his people
  • In our age, we too are called to follow Gods plan for us

8. God gives his people the law

  • Arrived at Mt. Sinai
  • Moses and God had a chit/chat on top of the mountain
  • shall be to me a kingdom of priests, a holy nationExodus 19:6

9. Moses gives everyone the low down

  • Moses tells everyone what God said
  • Everything the Lord has said, we will do (Exodus 19:8)
  • 3 days later, God appears to the group

10. Moses is summoned

  • God calls Moses
  • He gets the Ten Commandments
  • Keep the laws/keep the covenant
  • Jesusgrowing up Jewish , learned these commandments and obeyed these laws


  • God gave other laws in Exodus and Leviticus
  • Moses shared the laws with his people
  • They agreed to follow them
  • Moses wrote them down

12. An altar for the one true God

  • Stone altar with 12 pillars
  • 12 pillars represent12 tribes of Israel
  • a.k.a. the twelve sons of Jacob
  • sacrifice of young bulls as a peace offering
  • sealed the covenant
  • This is the blood of the covenant which the Lord has made with you in accordance with all these words of his (Exodus 24:8)

13. Symbolic Numbers

  • 40 days and 40 nights
    • Moses spent on the mountain top
    • 40 is a symbolic number
    • Noah40 days/nights on the ark
    • Jesusafter baptism spent 40 days in desert


  • 12 pillars of stone that Moses set up
  • These pillars also symbolize the 12 tribes of Israel
  • 12 is also symbolic of the 12 apostles

15. The New Covenant

  • We have a new covenant with God
  • We obtained it at The Last Supper
  • This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which will be shed for you. (Luke 22:20)


  • The Big Ten


  • I am the Lord your God; you shall not have strange gods before me.


  • 1. First Commandment
  • Do you worship the false gods of status, consumerism or peer approval?
  • Do you ignore or avoid old friends in order to be part of the popular crowd? Do you make unreasonable demands on your parents for clothes or money?
  • Do you give support to your peers when they tell racial or ethnic jokes? Do you show indifference toward the poor and think of them as losers by social standards?


  • You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.


  • 2. Second Commandment
  • Do you use language that you would never speak in front of your grandmother?
  • Is your language a reflection of a low opinion of others and insults?


  • Remember to keep hold the Lords Day


  • 3. Third Commandment
  • Do you skip mass because few of your friends go to church or because you feel that the gift of Gods presence should be as entertaining as MTV?


  • Honor your father and your mother


  • 4. Fourth Commandment
  • Do you thank your parents for what they do for you?
  • Do you offer to help around the house?
  • Do you value your family members as much as you do your friends?


  • You shall not kill


  • 5. Fifth Commandment
  • Do you value your life and that of others?
  • Do you watch violent movies and play violent video games and think nothing of the killing involved?


  • You shall not commit adultery


  • 6. Sixth Commandment
  • Do you use other people for your own selfish pleasure?
  • Do you lie to get others to act against their values?
  • Are you true to your friends?
  • Do you respect your parents and their relationship?


  • You shall not steal


  • 7. Seventh Commandment
  • Do you cheat on tests or homework?
  • Do you ever shoplift or take things that don't belong to you?
  • Do you respect others possessions?
  • Do you follow copyright laws pertaining to downloading music, movies, copying cds dvds, plagiarism?


  • You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor


  • 8. Eighth Commandment
  • Do you gossip or pass on rumors that hurt other people?
  • Can you be trusted to keep a confidence?
  • Do you lie to protect your own ego, even if someone will be hurt?


  • You shall not covet your neighbors wife


  • Ninth Commandment
  • Are you envious of others? Do you resent their popularity or success?
  • Do you feel you have to put others down in order to feel better about yourself?


  • You shall not covet your neighbors goods


  • 10. Tenth Commandment
  • Do you resent your parents when they tell you they cannot afford to buy the things that you feel you need to keep up with your friends?
  • Do you ever ask your parents what their financial worries are?

37. Here goes that circle

  • The Commandments Revisited
  • Moses on mountain top with God
    • God gave the tablets that the laws would be written on to Moses
    • Reminded Moses that people were to worship only the one, true God


  • Moses was gone for awhile
  • Hebrews grew restlesswaiting
  • wanted a god to worshipdidnt know what happened to Moses
  • asked Aaron to give them one
  • they made a calf of gold
  • Moses came down from the mountain
  • He was not happy

39. Moses missed his anger management class!

  • Throws tablets down/broke
  • He punished those responsible
  • Begged God to forgive them
  • God calls Moses back up to the mountain
    • spends another 40 days
    • has him write the commandments on the tablets


  • Moses is glowing
    • returned from the mountain glowing
    • had to wear a veil in front of the Hebrews
  • Dwelling Place
    • instructed to build a dwelling place for God
    • contributed personal belongings to do it
    • meeting tent, movable because they were not at a place of permanence yet


  • Ark of the covenant
    • wooden box where the 10 Commandments were stored
  • Dwelling Place specifics
    • Ark of the covenant
    • altars
    • furniture needed for worship
    • vestments for priests


  • Characteristics of the Dwelling Place
    • God entered the 1 stday of each month
    • symbol of God is represented by thunder and lightning over the tent
    • felt God was with them


  • 40 year journey
    • long time to get there
    • many changes to people
    • tol