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The Safari Method, Thijs van Exel (Kennisland)

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Presented at SIX event: Social Innovation in the Marketplace: Getting our Young People back into Jobs

Text of The Safari Method, Thijs van Exel (Kennisland)

  • 1. The Safari Method

2. If I had an hour to solve a problem, Id spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions. 3. making Dutch society smarter 4. definitions 5. whats a good question? names a specific population group that is not well served by existing policies, programs, or services identifies whats problematic about how that group interfaces with existing policies, programs, services, etc frames a question with an assumed positive outcome 6. youth unemployment: Too many young people, ages 18-27, are not in full-time work and instead reliant on benefits and government programs. How do we create more jobs for young people and get those young people into the jobs? 7. Youth unemployment in Amsterdam: scale and numbers 2010 2012 8. lost generation negative appeal focus on whats bad 9. Existing services (examples) youth desk apprenticeships trainee positions Ajax Campus 10. Challenges Safari = short-lived: how to scale and make sustainable? How to keep these networks alive & productive How to make the cross-learning enduring practice?