The Story Of The Pencil

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The Story Of The Pencil铅笔的故事

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2. At the beginning, the pencil maker told the pencil: There are five things that I want you to know before I send you the world. Remembert hem and you will be the best pencil. La parabola della matita 3. You will be able to do many great things, but only if you will be in the hands of someone. First: 4. You will be sharpened once in a while with pain, but this will make of you a better pencil. Second: 5. You will be able to correct the mistakes that you have done. Third: 6. What is inside you is always the most important part of you. Fouth: 7. And in whatever situation you will find yourself, you will have to continue to write. You will always have to leave a trace that is understandable to everyone. Fifth: 8. The pencil understood all this, and entered the pencil box ready to enter the world, having understood the purpose of his life. 9. You are like a pencil: if you will remember these 5 things, you will become every day a better person. 10. You will be able to do great things, but only if you put yourself in the hands of God to be a service to others. First: 11. You will be sharpened painfully from time to time, through the difficulties that you will meet in your life, but this will make you a stronger person. Second: 12. You will be able to correct your mistakes and growth thanks to them. Third: 13. The most important part of you is what you have inside you. Forth: 14. Any road you will take, you will have to leave a sign, no matter the circumstances serve God and others at all times. Fifth: 15. Each of us is like a pencil, has been created with a special aim. Lets understand and remember this and continue our earthly journey by building a daily relationship with God. You have been createdto do great things! ?