7 Ye YingMin Diagnostics and Maintenance

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Mr. Ye YingMin, Manager of the Maintenance Department at Shanghai SECCO discusses the benefits achieved with FOUNDATION fieldbus with regards to the diagnostic capabilities and the ability to implement proactive maintenance.

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  • 1. Ff Diagnosis & MaintenancePlace CompanyLogo HereYeYingminLeader EngineerShanghai Secco

2. PrefaceHow can we make Ff diagnosis and maintenanceeasier Thispresentation is from the point of view of the user experience andpractice, to explore the application scope of fieldbus diagnosis andmaintenance, and how to eFfectively carry out the fieldbus diagnosisand maintenance Fieldbusdiagnosis and maintenance factors involved in a wide range, strongrelevance, the speech is the starting point to jointly explore in theface of various problems with you, how to simplify problems, in orderto adapt to the more extensive application. 3. ContentFfScope of Ff diagnosis and maintenanceFfMethod of Ff diagnosis and maintenance The typical methods and case sharing Recording and analyzing data diagnosis Alarm management and monitoringFfThe value of Ff diagnosis and maintenanceFfExperience of Ff diagnosis and maintenance 4. SeccoFfIntroduction and Ff Application in Secco Ff Segment 2475Center ControlRoom Ff Devices 11637 Outstation 17 OutstationUnit: ktpa Ff Practice has proved, the reliability of Ff large-scale application can be guaranteed, and can bring value to the user. 5. Ff/ Ff Fault Type / Diagnosis Scope Fault Fault Sourcediagnosis scopeperformanceDiagnostic methods //The The device isSegment physicalphysical layer defects Fieldbuslost /parameter measurement /(including latentsegment (backbone, branchcommunication physical layer monitoringdefect)cables, junction box,alarm index(ADM) terminal protector, power)( /)defective Measurement /Equipment alarmequipment (electronicFieldbus devicescontrol abnormal management andcomponents, sensors, (transmitter, valve positioner,diagnosis softwarevalve) converter, indicator ) (AMS and SnapON) /he H1BUSSoftware Fieldbus software abnormal state /FDSH1configuration( data packet, functionout of controlhost/Bus communicationdefects( including block )monitoring; monitoring;compatibility)functional designspecification examination 6. Ff/HART DiFferences between Ff and HART1. FfHARTHARTFf instrument Alarm / fault ratediagnostic alarm type more than the ( based on unit )number of HART, and the Ff alarmdetection is based on the macrocycle, HART alarm detection is generallypolling.2. DiFferencecommunication s and alarms.1. Fieldbus has a considerable degree Alarm type contrastof " tolerance ", " potential "; ( based on equipment )2. Fieldbus devicesshare a segment, the fault source and fault pointsometimes separate with the "cross ";3. Fieldbuscommunication may be subject tointerference, intermittent interference makes thefault to show a " random "; 7. FfClassification of Ff Failure Causes except the instrument body, common wiring, water problems. Classification and statistics on the fault reason is conducive to the development of preventive maintenance measures According to the multiple fault situations, take corresponding measures.Note: Proportion is for reference only 8. FfDeal with Ff Failures 9. Ff Segment Failure Diagnosis and Exclusion Not for the deployment of online diagnosis system of the factory, in the cabinets of data collection. In general, data collection can be arranged in the parking opportunity before. To organize the data, select the object needs investigation. Connection to network, in the junction box, exclusive method ( disconnect the branch, observed whether recovery), location of fault source. 10. Typical Cases of Fieldbus DiagnosisWater penetration Electrical interference 11. Fieldbus Diagnostics Data Correlation Analysis- Physicallayer parameters exceeddistribution characteristics composite In general, amplitudelevel and unbalance exceed the standard moreprominent. Among them, should be the mainconcern imbalance factor. Unbalanced lowersegment of the anti-interference ability, we shouldpay special attention to.+ Type of equipment + physicallayer index combined analysisAttention should be paid to the body of thedevice as part of a segment, under normalcircumstances, the impact on performance of thesegment will also cause the stack. 12. Fieldbus Diagnostics Data Distribute AnalysisData analysis of Noise distributionDistributed data analysis of signaldistortionData analysis of Unbalance distributionDistributed data analysis of signal levelamplitude 13. Fieldbus Segment Diagnostic Data Record DCS INtoolsAMS Records should be auxiliary information. Includes a DCS port, junction boxes, cabinets, equipment manufacturers type terminal. Because the network configuration is dynamic, can be programmed from INtools and AMS database automatic scanning. Enterprises according to their own practice, formulate reasonable diagnostic reference index. /Note that in the normal working state under the " background noise / level. To eliminate the unbalanced as far as possible, to improve the anti-interference ability and immune network. 14. DCS Ff(DeltaV)DCS Ff Diagnostic Parameters (DeltaV) 15. / NI-FBUSTM Fieldbus Data Link/Message Diagnosis BUS-Monitor- BUS-Monitor case - radar indicator cableBUS-Monitor-Host H1BUS-Monitor case -Host H1 card failure 16. Fieldbus Site Maintenance Examination Items 17. AMS Ff-AMS Ff Alarm Management- Weekly ReportThe developmentof alarming statistics. The instrument alarmmonitoring and statistics; From thealarm, alarm types, regional eventcategories, types of equipment, alarmfrequency diFferent dimensions of observationinstrument alarm distribution. To discover andsolve problems. 18. AMS Ff-AMS Ff device management-Segment Tree AMS DCSPort Ff Build AMS database tree structure according to the network topology, and synchronize with DCS Port. Since the Ff communication fault "relevant and cross", the " segment tree " alarm management is beneficial to the fault location analysis. 19. AMS Ff- AMS Ff Fault Management Alarm RankingDCS PortTRUNK/JBFfDCS Port (TRUNK/JB ) as a collectionof units, measuring and sorting Ffcommunication alarm. Priority checkthe problem in before the segmentalarm ranking. 20. Ff/Ff Instrument / Valve Diagnostic Statistics 21. Ff-Ff Equipment Diagnosis Application ValveDiagnosisExample41FV12100A: Anti-surge valve oscillation, arunaway phenomenon, theexistence of security risks.Pneumatic accessories faultcaused by leakage ofamplifier. 22. Ff& Ff Diagnosis Reduces Overhaul Cost & Time 49% Development of diagnosis and maintenance in turnaround, valve repair to reduce the amount of 49%, reduce maintenance cost and maintenance time of half of the overall. 158 13% Through the diagnosis for the acceptance of the valve repair, found 158 unqualified valve, accounted 13%. To effectively preventthe risk.()65%66%Through thediagnosis carried out valve andmaintenance, before and afteroverhaul, valve (positioner) alarmnumber was reduced by 65%,valve deviation is reduced by 66%.To improve the availability. 23. Method of Fieldbus MaintenanceFfEstablishand implementation of Ff engineering specificationdesign, selection, construction, wiring, maintain configuration;/Regular segment&device health examination, combined with the"baseline" data, found defects, eliminate the fault source;FfTo carry outcondition monitoring equipment Ff, find and solve the problems ofinstrument itself; 24. Experience of Fieldbus Maintenance FfFfFfPID CIFFB FDSShutdownFfFfA correct understanding ofFf fault. Fault tolerance to Ff. The elimination of Ff fault of fear and fear. Usingthe PID CIF control strategy. The implementation of a unified FB FDSspecification, set the Shutdown to cancel the fault, reduce Ff fault influence onprocess control, to avoid the risk of Ff failure "derivative". Ff Establish the consciousness of network. Dont thinkof a single device isolated problems, at any time to the integrity of the networkas a " Ff loop " collective research. FfFf Know the advantages of Ff, Carry out preventive diagnosis andmaintenance work, preventing deterioration of Ff operating conditions anddevice performance. FfFfassociate with theProfessional Company in Ff field, get the product and technicalsupport, combined with the practice of enterprises, research, knowledgereduction, the application of Ff, diagnosis and maintenance managementrequirements, into the enterprise standards, policies, procedures andprocesses, as well as by non-specialists acceptance and implementationmethod. 25. Q&A