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  • 1. The AND of the World: Dealing with Complexity Dr. Bob Deutsch Brain Sells LLC
  • 2. The Third Millennium: The Context Is TOO Too Fast Too Complex
  • 3. The Escalation of UN- Un-certainty Un-predictability Un-decodability
  • 4. The World of Unconnected Dots: An Endless Series of Staccato NOWs
  • 5. The World Is Between Mythologies The current context of the world is: I dont know what the current context of the world is
  • 6. Nothing Is All of One Piece Anymore Nowadays, things are always advancing, getting better, sometimes for the worse. -- A Kansas City Housewife
  • 7. Complexity is the Air We Breath
  • 8. Shakespeares World of To Be OR Not To Be Is a Quaint Illusion
  • 9. To Be AND Not To Be. That is the Challenge.
  • 10. What Are We To Do?
  • 11. My Answer
  • 12. The 5 Essentials Curiosity Openness Sensuality Paradox Self-Story
  • 13. Deep Dive
  • 14. An Insight from Vaclav Havel: Explanation v Understanding
  • 15. An Insight from Normal mailer: Live IN Feeling
  • 16. Einsteins Embodied Body
  • 17. Q before A Boris Yeltsin: A Case In Point
  • 18. For Innovation & Creativity, Nothing is Off-Topic
  • 19. Denial of Complexity or seeking a Least-Common-Denominator Can No Longer Suffice
  • 20. Go Beyond Familiarity
  • 21. Or Else
  • 22. Nobus Surprises
  • 23. Feynmans Fish
  • 24. Ferragamo: Making Abundance from Scarcity
  • 25. Norman Mailers Crystals
  • 26. Ascending to Brilliance Analyst Types Chunking Extent and Connectivity Knowledge Process Analytical Function Knowledge Representation Causality Graphic Representation Routinizer Few dimensions Partially connected, partially complete Description (past) Discrete (correspondence with literal details) Linear Analyzer Multi- dimensions More fully connected, complete Classification, explanation (present) Simple, direct inferences Relational Synthesizer Multi- dimensions and relations Connected, complete, indexical Prediction (near-term extrapolation) Systemic (abstractions & Stories) Transactional Creator Patterns and principles Connected, complete, indexical, transformationa l (automatic) Long-term strategizing Underlying structures (Meta-Stories) Contextual Increasing Complexity
  • 27. The Paradoxical Challenge of Modernity: Can I Expand My Identity Without Negating My Identity?
  • 28. A Shamans Lesson: Living in Paradox