APIs: the Glue of Cloud Computing

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"APIs: the Glue of Cloud Computing" CloudExpo Europe Keynote - June 22, 2010 The second day of the CloudExpo Europe that was taking place in Prague the 21st and 22nd of June, Steven Willmott, the CEO of 3scale, made a presentation on APIs and their importance for Cloud Computing. The key highlights of this presentation are: 1. Cloud Computing pushes to the “hyper integration” of the Web and the enabling of key platform to emerge (e.g. the new SkypeKit)…. But not only for computing power 2. Cloud Computing and its different elements fit into an MVC “Cloud Edition” framework thanks to APIs 3. APIs enable Cloud Scale MVC 4. You need to become indispensable in the Value Chain otherwise someone may eat your lunch 5. APIs are key to become indispensable but need to be managed

Text of APIs: the Glue of Cloud Computing

  • 1.APIs: the Glue of Cloud Computing
    How to pick the right glue and not come unstuck
    Steven Willmott
    CEO / 3scale networks

2. Megatrends
3. Data &
Megatrend #1
4. Megatrend #2
Applications are getting connected
5. Megatrend #3
Mobile &
HTML5 Rewrite the Web Application Playbook
6. What these trends will do?
Turn web applications upside down
Hyper Integrate the Web
Enable key platforms to emerge
7. Not Just for Compute Power
8. Personal Information
& Management
9. OK- so what do all things really mean?
Think of it like MVC
10. MVC = Model / View / Controller
A software architecture,currently considered anarchitectural patternused in software engineering. The pattern isolates "domain logic" (the application logic for the user) frominput and presentation(GUI), permittingindependent development, testing and maintenance of each.
11. Model
12. MVC = Model / View / Controller
Originally described for Smalltalk at Xerox Park
13. MVC has Revolutionized Software Web App Development
14. Clear separation between Data, Presentation & Business Logic
15. First : MVC Applications
Separate at Design Time
Baked together at Run
16. Then : MVC SAAS
Separate at Design Time
Separate at Deploy Time
Baked together at Run
17. But MVC Cloud Edition can mean something much more
18. Model = Data
Often most critical business asset:
Wealth of data which has value
Real time / Reference data
Sometimes unique / sometimes not
has great value beyond your own company
AND value beyond the ways you can effectively deliver it.
19. View = Form
This used to be the company web site
Now it could be your SAAS application interface
Increasingly on Android, iPhone, Symbian,
20. Controller = Business Logic
Also know as the smart stuff:
Application logic
Secret sauce
Housekeeping like user management / authentication / billing
Some companies allow others to apply smart stuff to their data
Some companies apply their smart stuff to the data of others.
21. This shift is enabled by APIs
Interfaces between Components
Interfaces between Businesses
22. APIs enable Cloud Scale MVC
Data Anywhere in any form
Third parties operating on data
Many Delivery Channels
23. The implications are SPECTACULAR
24. Some companies focus on data:
Some companies focus on magic sauce:
Some companies focus on presentation/packaging:
25. Impact on Their Business
Focus on core competence
Leverage their Ecosystem
Companies are successful when they:
Define a clear center of gravity
Proactively manage the interfaces with other parts of the value chain
26. APIs Make this work: Models
An API delivers you Data in Raw Form
27. APIs Make this work: Controllers
APIs Provide Access to
28. APIs Make this work: Views
APIS feed many possible ways to consume Data & Services
29. A fourth element: the Framework
(Normally MVC needs some glue)
30. Elements of the Internet Operating System
Media Access
Identify & Social Graph
C.f. Tim OReilly
31. Providing a Substrate for Cloud MVC
32. Questions to you
What's your core asset?
Great data?
Great functionality?
Great Audience?
Great integration of what other people have?
What takes you a huge amount of time but is non-core?
33. Today you can be wildly successful as a full stack (M+V+C)
34. Tomorrow you will need to to make yourself indispensable in the value chain otherwise someone may eat your lunch.
35. Getting the Right Kind of Glue - Examples
36. Amazon AWS
Broad and Deep
Infrastructure Offering
Broad and Deep API based control
Impressive ecosystem around the infrastructure (e.g. Rightscale)
Focus on self service (and automate)
Many infrastructure providers also now providing great APIs
37. One of the worlds top software download portals
Multiple markets in the US, Europe, China and Latin America
Amazing data about Windows / Mac / Software + Downloads
Pull Data and add value to
Your users
38. Amazing Data about wines world wide
Premier US Wine ecommerce destination
API powers:
3rd party community
iPhone and Symbian Apps
Great cloud resource
Wide range of Apps being
39. 40. Conversations as a Service
Social Graph
Social Graph
Message Graph
Conversational Graph
Open API that you can get access to all the good stuff
41. Track conversations automatically
You send a URL and we give you all the people who commented or shared the link (Twitter, Facebook etc)
You can search for the most engaging links from all over the web in real-time
42. How to use it?
Advanced tracking systems for blogs
Extensions for CRMs
Financial applications
Advertising apps
Meme portals
Many many more
Go to http://contextvoice.com
and start coding!
43. Getting the Right Kind of Glue
(and how not to come unstuck)
44. Things to think about
How do you do integrations to date? How costly are they?
What would you do if a competitor launched their API tomorrow? What disadvantage would you have?
How hard is it really?
Whose API would you use if it was available?
45. Become a platform?
46. Getting the right kind of Glue
"API first" - what is the core value being delivered?
Who is the audience for the API?
Think big but start small
Identify initial partners
Consider a significant Beta Phase
Code Examples are Golden
47. Ensure infrastructure is in place
Usage Limits
Access Control
Community Management
48. API Access Management
Manage Access
Identify API users
Secure & Control access
Configure business rules
Enforce terms of use
49. API Analytics
Monitor & Measure
Monitor & Meter API usage
Generate in-depth reporting
Analyze & Optimize your API
Plan capacity & React to trends
50. API Partner Management
Grow your API Ecosystem
Promote your API
Manage sign-up & Provision access
Support your API partners & users (CMS, Blog, Forum, RSS...)
Showcase applications of your API
51. API Billing & Payments
Monetize your API
Choose your business model
Setup & Configure access plans
Define business rules based on any metrics tracked
Manage settlement without having to handle client CC information
52. Final Thoughts
53. Back to MVC
V is hard to scale: let other people do it for you.
C is difficult to predict all requirements for:open up for new layers & combinations.
M let your data free:It will create an incredible amount of stickiness.
54. Questions?
Steven Willmott
3scale networks
steve@3scale.net / @njyx
55. Launch your API: http://www.3scale.net
Steven Willmott
3scale networks
steve@3scale.net / @njyx