Aurora Orrery

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Aurora Orrery

Science Hack Day Dublin 2012HackersConnor UptonDavid Perez-SuarezMarisa LlorensNeil Kelly

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)Celestial fireworks caused by caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere

Auroras are caused by increased solar activityThis follows a predictable cycle and we will see significant activity in the next couple of years

Auroras are visible from Ireland But how do I know when to go look for them?

Data is Available but it's not very accessibleand we'd like a more persuasive reminder

Step 1: Make KML from dataProvide a live map of current & predicted solar activity with additional playback functionality

Step 2: Make LED flat mapNorthern PerspectiveAgain hooked into live data source

Step 3: Half Globe with LEDsBuild it using geodesic dome pattern?

Step 4: Build Aurora OrreryBuild several full globes with LED auroras Construct an orrery to show relationship between solar flares and auroras on multiple planets

What we need?Lots of help- Hardware- Software- Model Construction

What we Got DoneA Google Earth KML layer that feeds off a database to show the extent of Auroras over time

We won the peoples choice award for most interesting project

What we Got DoneRobert Fitzsimmons took on a project extension to develop a programmable LED globe that would take our KML layer as an input to light up aurora zones