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SVS7でBlue startupsのMayaさんの「ハワイのスタートアップの現状と未来」のプレゼン資料です!

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  • Maya Rogers @Samurai Venture Summit

  • 221tech boom 99 10tax credit for QHTB+370 companies

  • 22110 - the bubble burst

  • hope grows from thegrassroots

  • oneSoftware Developer & Tech Engineer

  • came many

  • came many Celebration of startups & entrepreneursOpen to all interested in techMonthly pitches 54-hour simulation of entrepreneurship2 years, sold out events at $1002 companies formed: Tealet, Aptly presentations, 20 slides, 15 sec. auto-advance

  • came manycame many Conference for Ruby on Rails programmers in HonoluluKey note speakers from around the world uses open data from Honolulu govt to create apps#1 Digital City & #1 Code for America City Worth Spreading in 18-min or less


  • community needs place...

  • came many

  • Invest. Mentor. Accelerate.

  • acHawaii Accelerators: Joint Demo Day = New Dealflow

  • #StartupParadise#StartupParadise

  • Maya


    Structured as a 100% return on cash investments in a qualified high tech business (QHTB) on a front-loaded basis over 5 years35% credit in the year of investment, 25% in the following year, 20% in the second year following, then 10% each in the third and fourth year following. The credit is designed to give a full 100% return for investments up to $2 million per year per QHTB.

    2010TechnologyCost to Hawaii $1 billion in tax revenue

    Auditor Marion Higas main findings:- The tax credit law did not contain any goals or performance measures to effectively measure the tax credits.- The Department of Taxation implemented the tax credit like any other and did no additional monitoring for effectiveness.- Less than 3 percent of the total number of high-tech tax claims were audited.- In other words, taxpayers may have gotten the credits even if they didnt qualify.

    but there was hope from the grassrootsWe created wetware wednesday for the developers & engineersthen event grew to engage different audiences in the startup communityStartup Weekend Honolulu 54 hour simulation of entrepreneruship 2 years. Been sold out. 100 people at $100 each. For startup weekend, 2 companies Tealet & Aptly came out of it in out cohort. Hon-celerator One time event insipred by code for America. Hackathon, similar to SW. Uses open data from the Honolulu government. Govt has data on bus routes, take that data to make an app around it. This is in conjunction with the government. City and County of Hawaii received Honolulu Hawaii 2011 digital city survey, conducted by Center for Digital govt and govt technologyIgnite Honolulu Pecha Kucha 5 minute presentations that are pretty cool, TED but condensed to 5 min. Slides move every 30 sec. TedX Honolulu Aloha Ruby Conference

    to being able to engage the whole stack with startup news, events, and team building

    AlohaStartups for everyoneInnovate Hawaii aggregator for startup eventsHackers in Hawaii help hackers developers and entrepresneurs team building. Tealet has found people herewe didnt have places for community to buildEntrepreneurs - Momentum, good life, close to homeGAN Founded by Brad Feld and David CohenMembers get perks Microsoft Azure credits, PayPal, Softlayer, Rackspace, Amazon Web ServicesBlue Startups is Hawaiis first Accelerator with 8 teams, and 60 mentors.All - Why Blue Startups: Incubators Lets work together.Volta, Flowater, Tealet, Pharmly, TowChoice, WicketLoot, SurroundsMe, AptlyInvestors - Hawaii is a good place to invest. Accelerators are coming to create new companies

    Founders Institute global acceleartor, a pre-acceleartor. They take 3% equity, and entreprenerus pay to get in. Looking at Fall.

    All Why Hawaii, Blue Startups in Hawaii

    Hawaii is an amazing place to visit, startups actitivy, Best Place to live, best place to workHawaii & Japan Connection.Safe place for Japanese people. Lots of good food, great Aloha