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  • 1. The PublishersInnovation DilemmaSolving Innovation withTechnology:Buy or Build?Richard SobelDirector, Platform StrategyIAB Innovation DaysMay 17, 2012

2. Automation 3. Integration 4. Scale 5. Solutions Looking for Problems 6. Complexity creates long-term businessproblems And increases Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).IT infrastructures that are made up of many, variedcomponents many servers, multiple operating environments and complex data storage schemasare harder to change, cost more to maintain and areless responsive to the needs of the enterprise.Janice LawrenceSemantic Arts, March 16, 20127 7. Factors of Decision MakingGoals Keys to Defining BusinessROI 8. BUILD 9. Focus On Your Requirements 10. The Idea Is Just the Beginning 11. Beware Internal Politics 12. The Build Is Just The Start of Your CostsSeventy percent of software costs occur afterimplementation.To Build or to Buy IT Applications? Polly S. Traylor Infoworld 13. What Does This Do To Your Business? 14. Can You Compete?187MM Unique Users comScore March 2012 $5B Display Sales Revenue 2011 10K 12% Display Sales Market Share PWC Entertainment & Media Outlook WW Display Market CY11 15. Take advantage of experts who know theirbusiness because they have multiple customers 16. The Power of Specialization In fact, by the age of twenty, the elite performers had each totaled ten thousand hours of practice.Malcolm GladwellOutliers: The Story of Success19 17. Intelligence RequiresVolume 18. Inform DevelopmentRoadmap 19. The best bet is to collect and present the data, with detailed options and consequences, to businessstakeholders. Then, let them make the decision. Mark Lutchen Former global CIO Now head of IT Effectiveness Practice PricewaterhouseCoopers22 20. Automation 21. Integration 22. Scale 23. Questions?Richard