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Make your skin new touch screenPRESENTED BY ,RESHMI R S5 MCASNGCEkochiWearable Technology


What is Cicret?Cicret ConnectionComponentsCicret WorkingKey featuresCicret Application( video)Conclusion

Guillaume POMMIER

Cicret is combination of cicret app and braceletCicret Application Its a secure and free solution for those who want to : Chat Share Safe Exchange of dataCicret App

Cicret BraceletReads your mail Play music Answer your callsCheck Weather etc

Use it anytime, anywhere.. Bracelet - Components Bracelet - ComponentsAccelerometer Sensor:

sensor device which measures proper acceleration of device where it has been installed. Sensor:

Proximity Sensor Emits electromagnetic beam Looks for change in field/return signal When hand placed : stops one of the 8 sensor and sends information back to the processor

Pico Projector :

Uses to project the smartphone or tablet interface on the arm skin.


The chip processes the information as done by the user on the smartphone interface.

Cicret Bracelet ComponentsFunctional descriptionMemory cardIt is used to store the information which are also available on the smartphone device.VibratorThis component is used to provide alerts to the user.Micro USB portUsed to charge the battery of the Cicret Bracelet.LEDUsed to sense the action of user and direct it to the proximity sensors.BatteryProvides charge to the battery.Snap ButtonCan be used to make it on or off.Wi-Fi component connect you to the network.

The Cicret Bracelet uses pico projector which projects smartphone interface on your arm itself.When user put finger on the interface, he/she stops or blocks one of the 8 long range proximity sensorThe sensor sends the information back to the processor which is in the Cicret Bracelet.Working

Flick, swipe, pinch and zoom functionality send and receive emailAnswer your callCheck WeatherRemovable batteryThe band is waterproof and can be used as a standalone device or along with the Smartphone

Features This product is still in its prototype phase and has not officially been launched yet. The cicret is an impressive technology that eliminates a number of inconveniences experienced by smartphone users. http :// https :// http THIS VIDEO