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CloudStack Overview

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Citrix CloudStackの概要説明

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2. 3. 2011 Amazon IaaS 4. 2012 Web IaaS DaaS SSL CDN VLAN OpenFlow RDB ID 5. Amazon Web ServiceSource, Amazon Web Service, 6. Amazon Amazon eCommerce Platform EC2 API Amazon Proprietary Orchestration SoftwareOpen Source Xen HypervisorNetworkingCommodity Block Storage(NetScaler) Servers 7. CitrixAmazonAmazon eCommerce Platform CloudPortal EC2 API Amazon Proprietary Orchestration SoftwareCloudStack Orchestration SoftwareOpen Source Xen HypervisorXenServer HypervisorNetworkingCommodity Block Storage(NetScaler) Servers 8. DELIVER APPS & SERVICES DR LBWAF SSL WAN Bridge DaaS FWOpt CONNECTBUILD CONNECTCloudAGGREGATECloudPortalTRANSFORM CLOUDSCloud CONNECT & DELIVER& FEDERATE GatewayINTO BUSINESSES Bridge OtherPeople Clouds SERVICESERVICE NetScalerDELIVERYCloudStackBUILD - OPERATE - ORCHESTRATENetScaler DELIVERYNETWORKNETWORKVIRTUALIZATIONCompute Network Storage 9. Cloud Broker Private Cloud Public CloudL2 Tunnel 10. IaaS 11. IaaS 10 12. SMB IT HPC 13. ISO ISO Windows IP Linux VPN Intrusion Prevention 14. IaaS 15. IaaS ISOs 16. IaaS APIOpen Amazon Stack ISOs 17. IaaS API(OSS/BSS,, ID , )Open Amazon Stack API ISOs 18. IaaS API(OSS/BSS,, ID , )Open Amazon Stack API ISOs 19. CloudStack CRM 20. CloudStack CRM 21. 22. IaaS21 23. CloudStack 24. 2311 BladeSymphonyBS2000 Intel XeonE7128GB10GbEx2 114 400040TFlops500TB : Citrix XenServer 1/5 1/10 : Cloud.comCloudStack Source, 25. IDC CloudStackCloudPortal 55 API SLA99.99% 2 NetScalerGSLBGlobal Server Load BalancingURL: 26. SCSK netXCloud CloudStack(CloudSystem Enabler)CloudStack CloudPortal URL: Cloud S Eystem nabler CloudPortal 27. Zynga (Web Amazon EC2 AWS1 2 6 XenServerCloudStack 10,000 22100 28. IT CloudStack + XenServer + enStratus 29. IT 1000 In selecting our cloud management platform, we sought a technology solution that provided us with automation tools, ascalable architecture and secure multi- tenancy all wrapped in an open sourcelicense and community model. We believe Cloud.comCloudStackthat Cloud.coms innovative platform is the Citrix XenServerenStratusNexentaArista Networks right solution for KT. Jung-sik Suh, GM, KT URL: 30. AmazonIT 2 70 8 IT79 CloudStack XenServer NexentaZFS Arisa Networks 31. 3000 TataAWS 347 1 8In selecting our cloud management platform, it was important to find a partner that provided uswith a foundation for building out a highlyreliable and affordable cloud service while giving us the control and flexibility to differentiate and Cloud.comCloudStackCloudPortal tailor our solution to our customers needs. and its unique platform allow us todo exactly that. John Landau SVP, Tata Citrix XenServer URL: http://iaas.tatacommunications.com30 32. Real customers are launching 33. Citrix CloudStack 34. CloudStack 2011/07/13: Citrix IaaS 2008 : OpenStack Founding Member CEO: Sheng Liang (Sun, Openwave, SEVEN Networks) VP of Sales, Business Development: Shannon Williams (Solidcore) CMO: Peder Ulander (Cisco, Sun, Cobalt Networks) VP of Engineering: Kevin Kluge (Zimbra, Openwave) VP and GM of Asia Pacific: Ken Kim (Symantec) Citrix Cloud Platform Group XenServer, Xen OpenStack, CloudStack, CloudPortal 35. CloudStack GUI GUI Load BalancerFirewall (VNC) RightScaleenStratus 36. CloudStack Hypervisor Support KVM, XenServer GPLv3 license (OSS) VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi Hyper-V() github Guest OS Support Windows, Linux API Support Java CloudStack API Amazon Web Services API Connector 37. Management Server Host 38. CloudStack VM Hosts Host VMNetwork Primary Storage Host ClusterPrimary HostPrimary StorageStorage Pod Cluster NetworkSecondaryCluster Storage Secondary StorageCloudStack Pod ISO Zone CloudStack Pod Pod Management Server Farm Zone 39. VMOps PodVMOps Pod VMOps Pod CloudStack Pod CloudStack Pod CloudStack PodCloudStack Pod 40. Management ServerPrimarySecondaryStorage Storage NFS Server Public IP62.43.51.125 Layer-2 Router & SwitchFirewall Hosts to (Computing Nodes) 41. - Layer-3 switches with firewall modulesLayer-2 switchesHosts(Computing Nodes)ManagementServer Cluster NFSNFSNFS Secondary StoragePod 1 Primary StoragePrimary StoragePod 2 SecondaryPrimary Storage ServersStorage Servers NFSNFSNFS Secondary Storage Primary StoragePrimary Storage40 42. - Secondary Managemen MySQL PrimaryReplicationt ServerManagemen t ServerData Center 2Availability AvailabilityZone 4Zone 1 Data Center 4Data Center 1 AvailabilityZone 2Availability Zone 3Data Center 3 43. - Domain: User 1 User 2 Sub domain : User N User N Account:Account 1 Account 2 Project 1 AccountUser 1 User 2 DomainAccount : User N User N User: Account N Account N AccountUser Sub Domain 1 Sub Domain 2 Project: Domain 1 Account 44. ISO Primary Storage Cluster Host Host Host NFS, iSCSI, FC, Local Primary StorageCluster Secondary StoragePod Zone ISO NFS, OpenStack Swift CloudStack System VMSecondary StorageCloudStackZone System VM / ISO Template 45. VLAN VLAN IP VPN, Load Balancing, Firewalls NetScaler MPX, VPX and SDX 46. System VM Secondary Storage VMs-500-vm v-501-vm ZoneTemplate ZoneTemplate Secondary StoragePrimary Storage Snapshot Console Proxy VMr-14-vm VNC : IPDNS : DHCP, Firewall, LB, VPN 47. NetScaler Tenant 1 Tenant 2 Tenant 3Shared Mode Isolation Mode Mixed ModeMixed ModeN tenants share a MPX1 tenant per VPX Tenants mix and match in Tenants mix and matchVPX pool 48. 49. 50. 50 51. GUI Enterprise EditionCommunity EditionCloudPortal) RightScaleenStratus CloudStackOpen Cloud CampusCUPA 52. CloudStack [2/28, 29] Cloud Days [4/19] Cloud Vision Sameer Dholakia, Group VP & GM Cloud Platforms Group Sunil Potti, Group VP & GM Cloud Networking Platforms Group SP/ Open Source Conference [3/16, 17] , [5/12] , [6/16] , [8/3, 4] , [] , [] 53. Citrix Cloud 3/7 Hands-On Seminar 3/7 XenServer, CloudStack, NetScaler 3/8 CloudStackIaaS1 ~ 21URL 3/9 NetScaler 54. Citrix Systems, Inc. (Citrix) Citrix Citrix Systems, Inc. CitrixCitrixCitrix Copyright 2012 Citrix Systems, Inc All rights reserved.

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