Club Membership Management

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Project proposal for health club membership management.


  • 1. Club Membership Management Can it be simpler?
  • 2. Could small clubs afford complex and expensive software for membership management? Do small health (or dancing) clubs have POS-terminals? Do they have much time for membership management? No. No. No.
  • 3. Checking just one membership card easy.
  • 4. Check lots of members quickly? OMG!
  • 5. Finding the right person quickly thats the problem!
  • 6. The UI sucks! It is overloaded and hard to use!
  • 7. Is THAT simple?
  • 8. They claim to be easy. They claim to be intuitive. They claim to quickly solve the tasks... ...but they fail!
  • 9. No comments...
  • 10. The user should quickly find a member. The user should quickly mark the attendance. The user should quickly add a new member. The user should quickly see the member status. Let me tell you, whats simple!
  • 11. Just 4 buttons and 2 text fields thats all what you need!
  • 12. Type a couple of letters and get a correct person in the search results!
  • 13. Dont read the text, just look at the icons!
  • 14. Isnt that TOO simple?I need more features!
  • 15. Further functions: Detailed member description. History of member attendances and payments. Groups management. Payments reports. This is a simple solution for small clubs. You need just that.
  • 16. Online web application: No need for installation Start using it immediately no signups, no credit card or email required. Access it from your computer or tablet. Free for tiny clubs. Pay only when you grow up. Technical details.
  • 17. Just mark the attendance! Dmitry Bushenko