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David Thorne - BT - Home Gateway Initiative

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Broadband World Forum 2011 - David Thorne - BT - Home Gateway Initiative

Text of David Thorne - BT - Home Gateway Initiative

  • 1. Latest Developments and Use Cases inthe Digital Home Broadband World Forum September 2011 David Thorne, HGI Board [email protected] HOMES ENABLING SERVICES

2. Contents Brief introduction to the HGI What role can the HG play in an OTT SmartphoneCloudworld ? Next generation services The HG as an applications platform The HG and Home Energy Management HG Testing HGI Diagnostics Conclusions 2 3. Introduction to the HGI Formed in 2004 by leading Broadband Service Providerswho recognised the benefits of a common approach tospecifying the functionality of Home Gateways Starts with business propositions or Use Cases Close interworking between BSPs, chip makers, and boxvendors Output is a set of functional specifications ranging fromthe basic to the state of the art: interfaces, QOS, energy efficiency, multi-session support. These can then be used by BSPs as part of theirprocurement specifications 3 4. HGI: Connecting Homes, Enabling ServicesNEC 5. The Role of the HG in the new serviceworld High functionality, managed HGs were predicated on BSPs being able to sell Value Added Services, in particular video services, via STBsThen along came... The Smart Phone The Tablet OTT video The Cloud5 6. Potential HG Advantages Associated with a fixed locationAlways there Unlike mobile devices, which areassociated with a person, and laptops Normally powered on, and little Always onpower penalty in being so Unlike PCs, laptops Single, Only one device of its type in a homecentral point Simple, stable OS of control Wide range of interface typesDo these translate into viable services ????6 7. HG Service Advantages Services associated with the home as alocationAlways there Home energy management, security,home health Services which require 24/7 connectivity Always on Home energy management, security,home health, home comms, home storage Single, Services which rely on a single, simple,central control pointcentral point Home energy management, security, of control home networking control, diagnostics 7 8. HGI 2011 Service Examples Home Energy Management Next-Generation Communications DECT and High Definition Voice Home and Cloud storage Home and Cloud Media Gateway Enhanced in-home QoS as a service supporter Service specific diagnostics if it doesnt quite work8 9. Storage - Home and Cloud If everything is in the Cloud, then when the Cloudgoes away there is nothing. Need co-operation between the Home and Cloud HG can keep or manage local copies of key files HG can do scheduled, incremental back-ups to theCloud HG can manage file access from anywhere by anydevice (includes streaming media) HG can control user access to files from one singlepoint both local and remote access 10. HG as the Media Home Gateway Deliver content, both user and premium content toretail devices. Media gateway can adapt content for different CPEdevices Need to handle: DRM, Link protection Content adaption for different devices. User experience (remote user interface) Value added features: time shift, resume on new device,etc. Metadata management 11. Next generation communicationBringing communication services to home devices Target Devices3G phone 3GLAN side Technology Mobile operatorCE device(to support WAN sidecommunication Service)RCSVoIP- UPnP telephony- SIPVoice devices PSTN- CAT-iq (DECT-IP)CAT-iq GatewayPhone Service PSTN ProviderCAT-iq Portable deviceDECTLegacy phone(PSTN) 12. The HG as an applications platform Current HGs typically have locked down, monolithicfirmware good for security, bad for flexibility and innovation HGs now much less limited on processing power andmemory HG could be used as a platform for 3rd party applications as long as all the security and performance issues areaddressed not a full-blown Smartphone apps environment diagnostics and HEM are prime examples of what mightmake more sense12 13. S/W Modularity as a Service Enabler Framework for application support on HGs providing reliability,security, life cycle management and remote management Known as SWEX, but strongly based on OSGiSmart E-health Energy 14. Home Energy ManagementUse Cases Visualization of current energy and power data Visualization of historical data Alarms for different events Home Domain overload management and avoidance Optimising energy cost End User Control Demand response ranging from tariff variation, though phased usage to power-down14 15. HEM Business modelis complex 16. Home Architecture with Energy Gateway Home DomainApplianceApplianceSmartSmart SmartPlug SmartAppliance PlugApplianceLocalDisplayHANyHANxGW/EM(Home Area IF5IF6 Network) IF3 HomeIFwIFx IF4Gateway IF2SI EnergySmart SmartGatewayInfoTbd..MeterIF1 Security HN PrivacySmart(HomeData ownershipApplianceNetwork) Auto-configurationAddressingUserUserPerformanceInterface Technology selection(s)InterfaceDevice abstractionAPIs 17. Device Abstraction, A View Java, JSON, RPCOne phys. device,standard OSGiseveral abstract Eventing (into Java)objectsrouted to JSON/RPC Z-wave SML EHS ZigBee Wireles KNXM-Bus Switches smart, smarter,ready IP-Camera all relevant etc. smartest MetersHomeMatic, EQ3/FS20support Smart Home standards17 18. HGI Testing HGI Testing is NOT Certification Interop testing Designed to test the market status of the more advancedHGI features QOS, Energy Efficiency, multi-session support, SWEX With performance testing where appropriate performance not currently included in most HGI requirements they are mainly functional Organised as an annual test event18 19. HGI Test Program 2009 and 2010 events were both a greatsuccess 2011 happening soon Service Providers Pre-qualification of HGs and chips Understand state of the art of the cutting edge features Common service provider metrics and procedures HG System, Chip and Software Vendors Prequalify with Service Providers Marketing based on test event results Understand leading edge performance requirements and how they compare LOGO Program is available to participants19 20. Test Plan Updates for 2011 Higher performance (Gigabit Ethernet) More IPv6 testing DLNA media server/controller performance SWEX robustness Multisession overload and critical session handling Diagnostics Future test directions Include Home network infrastructure devices Separate, more formal procurement testing specification 20 21. HGI Diagnostics Diagnostics increasingly important as services become anarbitrarily complicated mix of managed video, OTT video,and in-home comms running over time-variant in-hometechnologies (WiFi and PLC) Primary aim is to avoid support calls, and employ as muchcustomer self-help and expert system assistance aspossible System builds up a history of performance, usage,connectivity etc. and provides access to real-time servicespecific monitoring Remote access to the HG and network provided whenhelp-desk assistance is needed21 22. HGI Diagnostics Overview 22 23. Conclusions The Home Environment is becoming increasingly complexfrom a technology and services perspective Competition and traffic from OTT and Smartphone basedservices will increase, and revenue opportunities may belimited The HG has some inherent features which should allow itto continue to play a key role in this complex ecosystem,and enable new services The HGI brings together the key industry sectors neededto make this happen in a unique way23 24. Follow-up [email protected] Next HGI meetings Q4 Dubrovnik, Croatia Q1/2012 Taipei Join us on Linkedin Initiative-News-3894101?trk=myg_ugrp_ovr24 25. ThankyouAny Questions ?25

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