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Key note on diversity I gave as keynote at the women in games conference in Brighton UK

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  • 1.Defending Diversity Or Where do we go from here? Women In Games 2010 Develop July 15, 2010

2. Started in the game industry in 1989 Game designer for Origin Systems, Her Interactive, SOE, Cartoon Network, KingsIsle, CCP/White Wolf, Kraft Foods and more Author of Gender Inclusive Game Design: Expanding the Market Recipient of IGDAs Game Developers Choice award for community Hard Core Gamer 3. Weve come a long way 1993 - First round table on girls and games at the CGDC 1995 - Her Interactive releases McKenzie & Co 1996 - Mattel release Barbie Fashion Designer 2000 - IGDA establishes Women in Games committee 2000 From Barbie to Mortal Kombat is published. 2004 - First Women in Games conference is held in Portsmouth 2005 - Women in Games International established 2008 - Women in games estimated at 9-11% - up from > 3% 4. 2009 No non-IGDA sessions on gender at GDC 2010 WiG conference rescheduled due to lack of attendance 2010 Gender issues in games referred to as old news 5. Backlash 6. What is Backlash? Angry white guys 7. Backlash is not just angry white guys 75% of Hispanics feel there is too much immigration in the US* 58% of African-Americans in the US favor the outlawing of racial and gender preferences* 44% of non-whites in the US feel that affirmative action policies regarding college admissions cast public doubt on the achievements of minority students** * Los Angeles Times ** Newsweek Magazine 8. What Causes Backlash? 9. PROBLEM 10. NEWSFLASH! Women play games! ESA says 40% of gamers are women! 11. NEWSFLASH! Women play games! 76% of casual game players are women say Popcap Games and Spill Games! * 12. ? 13. We say: This industry needs more women! 14. The industry hears: You have to hire women regardless of their qualifications! 15. What can we do? 16. Remove the fear Clear the confusion Emphasize the positive Claim business successes 17. Clear the Confusion Be careful with statistics NEWSFLASH! Women play games! ESA says 40% of gamers are women! 18. FACT ~76% of all casual game players are women FACT ~20% of all traditional game players are women FACT Average of 76% and 20% = ~40% of all gamers are women FACT: This number cannot simply be applied to all games! 19. Emphasize the positive Emphasize the business successes 20. Emphasize the positive Do not tell horror stories! 21. Claim the Successes Insist quality never be sacrificed for diversity! 22. Take Responsibility 23. Reframe the message What is diversity, really? Diversity is about recognizing, respecting and valuing differences Diversity is about diversity of thought 24. Where do I fit in? 25. Where do I fit in? BE VISIBLE BE POSITIVE BE HEARD 26. Be visible Mentor Net IGDA gatherings WiG, WIGI, WIG-SIG Speak! 27. Be Positive No horror stories Frame all answers in how can we solve this problem? Be proactive 28. Be Heard Stay involved with WiG, WIGI and WIG-SIG Never be afraid to speak up 29. Taking it to the next level Reframe the Message Stay Positive Stay involved 30. We arent asking anyone to change the industry. We will change the industry. 31. Defending Diversity Or How To Piss Off Everyone Equally Women In Games 2010 Develop July 15, 2010 Sheri Graner Ray Studio Design Director Schell Games 8716 N. Mopac Austin, Texas USA 78759 512.399.6400