Designing UX

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  • 1. Designing UXHuman Interface IIKei KORI

2. UX ;User Experience Interface Design,Interaction Design 3. hypothesis It is a very ill wind that blows nobody any good. () ()UX 4. DAW ;Digital Audio Workstation Deep and Wide structure () DAW 5. DAW? PS1BEAT PLANET MUSIC(2000) ecstasy ( > functionality ) / (Ludo)(Narrame) 6. Pattern Windows form application Twitter Bootstrap jQuery mobile economy of design 7. A/B Test Web (log) 8. Clear A ToDo app for iPhone/Mac Swipe Pull Pinch Drag Shake No buttons 9. No buttons Extinction from XEROX Alto(1973) Heavy constraint Experience(;) 10. UX functionality? UX UX (eg. Web) Clear Instagram UX Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live Pro-Tools, EDIUS Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage XSI Final Cut Pro 7 Final Cut Pro X 11. Rules of play game design fundamentalsSalen, Katie. Cambridge, Mass. MIT Press 2004.