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Effective online marketing For people wants to expose their product to the internet

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  • 1. Whether you like it or not, most businesses areincreasingly reliant on online marketing efforts inorder to sustain or grow their business Jim Cockrum also known as web marketing, internetmarketing, webvertising, or e-marketing, isreferred to as the Marketing (generallypromotion) of products or services overthe Internet. Source : Wikipedia

2. - Provide Wider reach of audience - Less Expense in advertising - fast information relay - 24 hours non stop - Online is everything !!! 3. Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousandbattles, a thousand victories. --Sun Tsu Concentrating all marketing efforts on a small butspecific and well defined segment of the population.Niches do not exist but are created byidentifying needs, wants, and requirements that arebeing addressed poorly or not at all by other firms,and developing and delivering goods or services tosatisfy them. As a strategy, niche marketing is aimedat being a big fish in a small pond instead of being asmall fish in a big pond. Also called micromarketing. 4. Pick keywords that are relevant to yourbusiness but also fairly easy to rank. Tool can be used:Google Adwords 5. Prospects are more likely to buy from youestablish yourself as one by creatingextraordinarily helpful content. Take decisiveaction to ensure prospective customers areattracted to your site as a place to findanswers.Tools can be used:BloggerWordpress 6. Its develops Business Identity.Its develop personal branding about your business.Pictures gives expression and meaning to people.Ebay said Approximately 90% of all sold auctions on ebayhave detailed image 7. Youll become more memorableYou can reach more of your target audience.You can get people to come back to your site morefrequently.You can tap into the emotions of your audience.Youll make it easy for your viewers to pass onyour message.Video it creates viral information of your productsor services to your prospects.You can show your human side by posting a not-quiet-perfect video.You can show instead of tell. Tool can be use You Tube - the most traffic sites in Video 8. Creates easy access or navigation to yourwebpage It creates lead generation to your onlinebusiness 9. Advantage of the Market Place Market Place Online have high traffic and audience Big chance become number one in Google Page rank (using one of our platform --the CARENET way!!!!)Disadvantages Has restrictions/rules to be followed Always update your advertising Too much competition 10. Its Free !!! You can create genuine relationship to yourprospect You can start anytime Remember, be real and be there to help thecommunity rather than to push products.Tools can be used:TwitterFacebookLinkedIn 11. Its easy to become discouraged and frustrated if Inbound Marketing is approached as a point solution. In reality, its a long term strategy, only rewarding to those who approach it with patience and tenacity.It Creates ConsistencyIt Creates Habit one of the criteria successfulOnline Marketer 12. Handy and AccessibleCellphone is equivalent power of computerNow Cellphone outnumbered computers, mostly used.Text Marketing are using by other companies and businessesWorldwide smartphone users top 1 billion !!!yahoo news: report source:http://ph.news.yahoo.com/worldwide-smartphone-users-top-1-bn-report-103208369.htmlTHERE ARE NO SATURATED MARKETS, ONLY UNTAPPED OPPORTUNITIESPHILIP KOTLER 13. Lead Nurturing follow up calls to action with a thank you email and a lead nurturing campaign that further entices leads down the sales funnel with additional free offerings this is a free opportunity to keep touch with a lead.ExampleWe have Open house this coming date we have free dinner and food if you attend see our project and we provide discount buy one of our condo at the event. 14. Coach Benjamin S. Palaroan Jr.Login to our websitewww.1stworld philippines.com Facebook.com http://www.facebook.com/CoachBenjie Twitter https://twitter.com/coachBpalaroan LinkedIn ph.linkedin.com/in/coachbenjiepalaroanjr 15. PRICE : P 2500 Venue : TBA Early Bird (P2000.00) For ACT (P2500.00) Login to www.1stworldphilippines.com