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  • We connect our city !and mobilize it

  • Government procedures implicates a lot of time !

    The problemsWe live daily @ our city

    Most of people does not recognize their government

    nor institutions !

    The city offers many events daily, it's quite complicated to know them all !

    Information on the internet flows to global. There is not a localized

    network !

    SMEs find hard to position their brands ahead transnationals !

    A lot of the touristic information online depend on the government

    to be published!!

  • The Statistics

    25.1% Of the people who made government procedures in 2011 made it through auxiliary media and offers of electronic government!

    50.8% 49.2%

    49.2 % of people deals with trouble to get their government procedures




    77.1% of the trouble we're cause for service




    92% of these persons would prefer less formats

    and requires!

    Service barriers asymmetries of information ICTs problems




    The problems people deal with when they make their government procedures!

    Very satisfied Satisfied Unsatisfied Very Unsatisfied




    Percentage of satisfaction when they do government procedures !

    All this statistics are based on the media research by INEGI in 2011

  • Local Business in Mexico

    97% of enterprises in

    Mexico are!


    79%They generate!!!!of all the countrys work offer

    90%They do not count with financial protection!!!!or the backup to make a good advertising campaign

    65%!!!!are family business!

    83%SMEs generate!!!!of GDP National

    90%SMEs represent!!!!of private sector

    Only in Queretaro 3,500 small business were found in 2013. Their investment was about 30-70 thousand pesos. 90% broke

    9of10 jobs are generated by!

    SMEs 3 M In Mexico there are almost


    SMEs49.0% 51.0%

    51% of the public resources comes from SMEs

    Source: Consejo de la Comunicacin A.C.

  • Technological Opportunities

    200 MTwitter users

    600 MFacebook users

    30 Musers in Mexico with growing

    tendency to buy online

    80 Mmobile phones in Mexico

    In 2015 mobile phones will be more used than computers to access internet!In 2016 there will be 80 M Mexicans with access to internet In 2000 there were 3 MIn 2012 it got to 50 M!In 2016 there will be 300 M Latin people with access to internet !!

    Source: Consejo de la Comunicacin A.C.

  • Crisis has diminished publicitary investment in every media except from the internet, where has grown almost 5% since 2009!


    It will be not enough to have a web site, we require a site to interact with users, keep contact with them" !

    Vzquez Gmez y Tun Velzquez Grupo Vink Consultants.!

    SMEs who not uses ICTs lose from 10 to 30 % of their potential increases!

    Research developed by PROMPyme, 2005

    Consejo de la Comunicacin A.C.

  • CommunicationThe big problem


    BA + B = C


    Frictions in most relationships, at all levels, are due to simple communication problems


    At Eseety we create communication filters that are efficient for every sector of the


    With simple solutions!

    NGOs Companies!

    Government! People!

    Internet is Todays Universal Language!

  • Team

    Roxana Romero!CEO!

    Aurora Villeda!COO!

    Oscar Netzahual!CCD!

    Oliverio Jurez!CFO!

    Silverio Paredes!CTO!

    Advisor! Investor! Allies!

    H. Cmara de Diputados Assistant !!ISSSTE Tlaxcala Head of Office !Social Service

    Secretara de Desarrollo Econmico Tlaxcala Head of Department!!Yo Amo Tlaxcala A.C. Director

    The Youth Magazine Editor!!Mov. Nacional de Jvenes Competitivos A.C. Assistant Design Department

    Grupo GARSOF Founder!!DSS Mxico S.A. de C.V. Solutions Architect in Financial Planning

    COPARMEX Tlaxcala Counselor!!Aspel de Mxico S.A. de C.V. Systems Implementor


  • WE WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLDThe language also started being an idea

    Where well !go for dinner?

    I need !a locksmith!

    I Have to !call the Mayor!

    Which events will be !for the weekend?

    Lets travel the next week, !what options do we have?

    We have to announce !our Health Campaign!

    I need publicity for !my personal business







    Where may be !an Italian Restaurant?