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Europeana Creative - What is this Europeana thing?

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Europeana Creative Kick-off Meeting, Vienna, 21 Feb 2013. Presentation by Breandan Knowlton.

Text of Europeana Creative - What is this Europeana thing?

  • 1. What is this Europeana thing?Breandn Knowlton @bfkEuropeana Creative Kick-Off, 21 February 2013, Vienna

2. I am ...Breandn KnowltonProgramme ManagerEuropeana FoundationB @ [email protected] 3. Today What is Europeana? What Sort of Projects Do We Do? Whats Next? 4. What isEuropeana? 5. 2008 6. 2008 7. Europeana is a website . 8. Actually a series of websites . 9. And anApplicationProgrammingInterface (API) ... 10. Built on a data service, with . 150 aggregators and other data providers,representing ... 3,000 museums, libraries, archives and audiovisualcollections, which have contributed ... 26 million digital objects, of which ... 6 million are available for commercial re-use.andgrowing! 11. Its operated by a non-profit,the Europeana Foundation 12. Its operated by a non-profit,the Europeana FoundationAlong with a dizzying array ofMuseums, Archives and Libraries 13. Called theEuropeana Network 14. The Foundation and theNetwork work onProjects like Europeana Creative. 15. Europeana PhotographyEuropeana InsideEuropeana 1914-1918Europeana LibrariesEuropeana Newspapers 16. Europeana ProjectsCoreProjectsPartnerProjectsSubcontractsEuropeana Version 1 Europeana Version 2Europeana AwarenessEuropeana CloudEuropeana Creative 17. Europeana CloudIngest 2.4m metadata records and 5m digitisedobjects in a cloud-based infrastructureContent available for reuse by a targeted group ofhumanities and social science scholars.Create the Europeana Research portalExplore the potential of cloud computingtechnologiesInfrastructure for the use of anyone 18. How do wedo that? 19. AggregateBuild the trusted sourcefor cultural heritage. 20. FacilitateSupport the cultural heritagesector through knowledgetransfer, innovation & advocacy. 21. DistributeMake heritage availablewherever users arewhenever they want it. 22. EngageCultivate new waysfor users to participatein their cultural heritage. 23. Engagement 24. UserEngagementConceptsTargetGroupsThemedContentPartnersInteractivePlatform 25. We engage online. 26. Virtual Exhibitions 27. Site for cultural professionals 28. Blog 29. Newsletter 30. Professional Blog 31. Pinterest 32. And connect to offline. 33. Some Exciting ProjectsCollaboration with Wikipedia 34. Some Exciting ProjectsHackathons and Hack4Europe 35. Some Exciting ProjectsWWI Community Collection Days 36. But theres a big gap. 37. We cant build all of theengagement platforms.But were not enabling creativeindustry to do it, either. 38. WhatsNext? 39. 1. Linked Open Data 40. The Europeana Licensing Framework2. Extend theLicensing Frameworkfrom metadata to content 41. 3. Crowdsourcing Campaigns 42. And our newest initiative ... 43. 4. The Europeana Open LabNetwork 44. Engagement 45. Watch 46. Join this: 47. Do this? 48. Thank you!Breandn KnowltonProgramme ManagerEuropeana FoundationB @