Finding Japanese flatmates with Ruby

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  • Finding Japanese flatmates with Ruby

    Andrew Grimm25 March 2015

  • About me Andrew Grimm Previously worked as a bioinformatician (analysing

    biological data using IT)

  • Background

    Learning Japanese since 2011 Want to find Japanese flatmates

  • Alternative approaches

    Japanese-language classifieds (Nichigo press, JAMS TV) Just searching for Japanese in flatshare ads

  • Main approach

    Download flatshare ads on Gumtree for Sydney area Check if any words match Japanese names

  • name.japanese?

  • Wikipedia

    Tried using the names of articles in Japan-related categories

    Results were too messy

  • ENAMDICT Dictionary of Japanese and non-Japanese names in




    English translation

    No kanji Katakana

    English translation


  • Difficulties

    No frequency data How often is a word used as a Japanese name? How often is a word used as a non-Japanese name? How often is it used as an ordinary word in English?

  • Example messy results

    Large modern bathroom with japanese bathtub and shower in the apartment.

    Indian, Bangladeshi, Italian people with Japanese-looking names

    People looking for Japanese flatmates Machine is a Japanese name

  • Medline Database of scientific papers

  • Advantages of Medline

    Should help with frequency data Can look at which names co-occur Look at author affiliation

  • Medline XML