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Firefox OS By: Urvashi Desai

Firefox OS

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Firefox OS

By: Urvashi Desai

Firefox OSWhat is it ?

Project name is Boot to Gecko, also known asB2GOpen-sourceoperating systemforsmartphonesand tablet computersand is set to be used onsmart TVs. Initial release April23,2013Latest stable release 1.2.0(December9, 2013)

being developed byMozilla, thenon-profit organizationbest known for theFirefoxweb browser.Based on linux nd Mozillas gecko technologyWeb is the platform for Firefox OS apps are built using HTML5 (along with CSS3 and JavaScript) instead of native languages. For comparison, Android apps are developed in Java; Windows Phone apps are developed in C++, C#, or HTML5, etc.Mozilla has developed Web APIs so that HTML5 apps can communicate with the devices hardware, which was only possible for native apps until now, e.g. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Camera, etc. Every app in Firefox OS including the Camera and the Dialer is a web appAnapplication programming interface(API)specifieshow somesoftware componentsshould interact with each other


Firefox OSInspired by AndroidHome ScreenLock Screen

App Grid

Firefox OS is inspred by Android, hence it has a lockscreen, a homescreen and a notification barHowever its not entirely similar as u can see, noticeable difference is that there is no dedicated icon to open the app drawer like in other OSSliding right on the home screen shows the list of installed apps. Sliding left on the home screen shows the list of app categories, which when clicked, shows installed and suggested apps in the chosen category.Long pressing the home key brings the list of opened apps along. Pressing the power button brings the power off menu. Pressing home and power keys together takes a screenshot.3


Device partners ALCATEL ONETOUCH, Huawei, LG and ZTE are all using Firefox OS on a broad range of smartphones that are tailored for different types of consumers. The Firefox OS devices unveiled today showcase dual-core processors for better performance, higher screen resolution and more.The newest Firefox OS devices to join the family include the ZTE Open C and Open II, Alcatel ONETOUCH Fire C, Fire E, Fire S and Fire 7 tabletVia's 7-inch Vixen 7 and Foxconn's 10-inch InFocus

In the few months since initial launch, Firefox OS smartphones are now available in 15 markets, with new operators and new markets around the globe .Mozilla itself will be selling phones, too: a reference design called the for hardware and software partners called the Firefox OS Flame.Mozilla's main focus is on smartphones, but it's encouraging others to help push Firefox OS into tablets. Via's 7-inch Vixen 7 and Foxconn's 10-inch InFocus are available to developers who are interested in the area.Sony is also gonna release a firefox phone this yearPanasonic announced they will make SmartTVs powered by Firefox OS, Foxconn and Mozilla is working with suppliers to enable devices for all target user groups. All handsets which will run Firefox OS will sport Qualcomm processors, as Mozilla has done an exclusive deal with the chip maker.


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