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Limmersion Virtuelle (iV): pourquoi, quoi et comment crer des expriences impliquant le corps en forte intercation avec la 3D

Ralit Virtuelle et Commerce ?Technologies et Usages laube dune rvolution sans prcdents

David Nahon

Directeur du Laboratoire dimmersion virtuelle de Dassault Systmes

Charg de mission Stratgie et Dveloppement au CA de lAFRV

3DS.COM Dassault Systmes | Confidential Information | 8/27/2015 | ref.: 3DS_Document_2014

#3DS.COM/NETVIBES Dassault Systmes | Confidential Information | 8/27/2015 | ref.: 3DS_Document_20149H40 10H05 : David Nahon, Dassault Systme : Quelles sont les technologies de la ralit virtuelle ? Latechnologie, sa maturit, les champs du possible, son volution et les perspectivestion1

#3DS.COM Dassault Systmes | Confidential Information | 8/27/2015 | ref.: 3DS_Document_2014Dassault Systmes et liV LabLimmersion Virtuelle (iV), la science de illusionTechnologies actuelles et futures: la revolution est en marche !Cas dusages connus (B2B2C) dans la conceptionOpportunits et dfis sur le point de vente (B2C)Pour aller plus loinAgenda

#3DS.COM Dassault Systmes | Confidential Information | 8/27/2015 | ref.: 3DS_Document_20143DS Corporate Overview

#3DS.COM Dassault Systmes | Confidential Information | 8/27/2015 | ref.: 3DS_Document_2014


Our Companya ScientificcompanyCombining Science, Technology and Art for a sustainable society12,400passionate people112 nationalitiesOne global R&D / 53 labs Game changing 3DEXPERIENCE solutions190,000 enterprise customers

12 industries in 140 countries>10 million on premise users>100 million online users3,500partnersResearch & Education Software & TechnologySales & ServicesLong-termdrivenMajority shareholder control Revenue: $ 2.8 Bn*Operating margin: 31.5%*

* Non-IFRS

#3DS.COM Dassault Systmes | Confidential Information | 8/27/2015 | ref.: 3DS_Document_2014Dassault Systmes stands for the 3DEXPERIENCE CompanyWe have about 11 000 Passionate People across the globe that are at the heart of the company. A large R&D team connected across 43 laboratories delivering simultaneously combined software for our 3DEXPERIENCE SolutionsDassault Systmes has the largest PLM market share with 190 000 Customers in 12 Industries WW. A fundamental aspect of 3DS is partnering with clients who are leaders in their own industry segment, typically leaders in innovation and on the cutting edge of technology in order to answer tomorrows market needs.Our ecosystem of 3,500 selected partners increases our collective knowledge (the one of our customers and their customers) in the areas of sales & services, software development, education, and social development. Over 200 companies develops software complementary to our own.The composition of our shareholders has been consistent since our introduction on the stock market. The majority of the company is owned by the Dassault family and the companys management. This stability enables a consistent long-term strategy & long-term investment enabling to be one step ahead of the competition.5

Our Legacy

3D Design

3D DMUDigital Mock-up

3D PLM Product Lifecycle Management

#3DS.COM Dassault Systmes | Confidential Information | 8/27/2015 | ref.: 3DS_Document_2014 For 30 years, we have helped our industrial partners transform their product-related processes. 3 times, we have changed the game of the industry. We are going to do it again. We are into the fourth stage of our history, Which began in the 80s with the launch of CATIA to create and engineer parts and assemblies in 3D. Second stage in the early 90s saw the emergence of Digital Mock-Up (DMU) replacing physical mock-ups, during which these 3D pieces came together to simulate the complete engineering context of a virtual model beginning with airplanes and cars. The third stage: we added intelligence to the parts and assemblies in DMU and extended the use of 3D data to actors across the extended enterprise who may require access to this product referential to be able to enrich and complement the product data, to manage it throughout its lifecycle, from design to recycling. Our PLM solutions enable businesses of every size and sector around the globe to design, simulate and experience tomorrows products. Now we are well into the fourth stage : 3DEXPERIENCE, expanding virtual universes beyond PLM answering the key question of What my industry values the most? And helping our customers to create delightful experiences for their consumers. In review: 3D for parts and assemblies, DMU for virtual prototyping, PLM to remove barriers between departments, and 3DEXPERIENCE to place consumers at the heart of participative product development, from design to recycling. 3DEXPERIENCE is a catalyst for innovation, enabling any enterprise stakeholder to participate in the innovation process, contributing to drive value for the end consumer. 6

The 3DEXPERIENCE PlatformSocial & Collaborative Apps

3D Modeling AppsSimulation Apps

Information Intelligence AppsReal time 3DEXPERIENCE

#3DS.COM Dassault Systmes | Confidential Information | 8/27/2015 | ref.: 3DS_Document_2014The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is symbolized by the compass.The 3DEXPERIENCE platform transforms the way innovators innovate with consumers by connecting designers, engineers, marketing managers and even consumers, in a new social enterprise.7

Strategic Operational ElementsIndustries Solution Experience12 Geo Field OperationsCustomer ExperienceBrandsUser Experience & Communities


Software & Applications + Content + Services

#3DS.COM Dassault Systmes | Confidential Information | 8/27/2015 | ref.: 3DS_Document_2014Our branding system, which is an extraordinary way to lead, guide acquisitions, converge with great application portfolio. On top of already known Brands, some are significantly being expanded or repositioned.GEOVIA. Solutions from mining to City3DVIA. Business and consumer oriented: xx.By.MeDELMIA. The new world of the making. Acquisition of Apriso : from manufacturing preparation, to deep manufacturing run, manufacturing operation execution system. ENOVIA. 3DEXPERIENCE is the platform and ENOVIA a collection of business applicationEach of the brands are not only creating huge, great user experiences, but also building communities. Important and will be part of the value creation framework.IndustriesOur customers often select toolkits on the basis that IT decisions are a problem for CIOs this is a big mistake IT investment is not a CIO decision, it must be a business decision the tools we have are not toolkits, they are Industry Solutions. We have 12 Industry Solution Experiences, shown in the right half of this slide industry-focused offerings which deliver specific value to companies and users in a particular industry. You can select the best tool for engineering, the best tool for manufacturing, a nice tool for collaboration, but if they are not integrated you will not run your business properly the mission of our Industry Solutions is to join the dots.DistributionWe serve customers in 12 Geos. We have a global distribution system with 1 direct channel (Business Transformation) and 2 indirect channels (Value Solutions and Professional Channel). The action to merge the channels & the geos to get closer to our customers and partners is very essential. Under the leadership of a local Geo MD, Dassault Systmes serves in the best way possible their clients, customers and partners, but even do showcases that will be used by all others around the world. The power of scale is going to come from there. Experience is about Apps + Content + ServicesWe deliver Content & Services to enrich our 3DEXPERIENCE platform in order to deliver Experiences. For instance, the recent acquisition of RTT, now 3DXcite is one example that Provides interactive marketing and sales experiences (applications, services, and content creation) for high-impact brand storytelling across all media channels.8


#3DS.COM Dassault Systmes | Confidential Information | 8/27/2015 | ref.: 3DS_Document_2014Our customers are in all Industry Sectors whether they are from Core Industries or Diversified Industries.This position is of interest because of sharing best practices across industry (ie: High-Tech interested about adapting Car Assembly Process to their devices)9

Our Purpose

Dassault Systmes provides business & peoplewith 3DEXPERIENCE universes to imaginesustainable innovations capable of harmonizingproduct, nature and life.

#3DS.COM Dassault Systmes | Confidential Information | 8/27/2015 | ref.: 3DS_Document_2014 Dassault Systmes will provide businesses and people with holistic 3D experiences to imagine sustainable innovations capable of harmonizing products, nature and life. Our aim is to help our clients see what their product in life will be, which means its integration into, its use in, and its impact on the environment. We are committed to using our solutions to help better understand and simulate how products, nature, and life can interact in harmony.


Immersive Virtuality (iV)

The art and science of building experiences where the users body is highly coupled with the 3D

#3DS.COM Dassault Systmes | Confidential Information | 8/27/2015 | ref.: 3DS_Document_2014The Sensori