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Introduction to Contribution talk from WordCamp Orange Country 2012. Walkthrough of how to get started with contributions to the WordPress project, common pitfalls, and suggestions to move forward. Presented by Mike Schroder (@GetSource/DH-Shredder)

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  • 1. Introduction to ContributionWordCamp Orange Country 2012Mike Schroder (DH-Shredder)@GetSource -

2. Who Am I? Mike Schroder, a.k.a DH-Shredder, a.k.a. @GetSource Third Culture Kid, enjoy Coffee & Sailing WordPress Core and Plugin Contributor Happy DreamHost Employee 3. If you havent read ... Andrew Nacins in-progress handbook: 4. Who Contributes? Theme Review Team Polyglots Plugin Review Team .org Systems Core Code Mobile Applications UI/UX Group Documentation Support Forums Accessibility 5. Im going to focus onCore Codecontribution. 6. Core Team? 7. Contributors. 8. Contributors. 9. OKAY.How can I get on this listof AWESOME? 10. Your First Contribution 11. Release Cycle foreach ($releases as $release) Planning Development Cycles/Sprints Beta RC 12. Planning:Choose the Scope. 13. Development Cycles: Teamwork. 14. Beta:No More Features. 15. Release Candidate: Just the Regressions. 16. Okay. I understand the release cycle. Whats next? 17. Start Small. 18. Look for a Need. 19. If its not on Trac, itdoesnt exist.-Pretty much the entire Core Team. 20. Reports are your friend. Next Major Release: Needs Patch: Has Patch, Needs Testing: View Tickets -> Custom Query (i.e. needs-refresh) 21. Okay. I found a bug.Now What? Get the source from trunk. svn co 22. Apply the Patch, if any. Right-click on patch download link, copy URL From root of trunk: wget curl -OL http://core ...) patch -p0 < 20000.diff 23. Now, create a patch. Create all patches from the WordPress root within yourtrunk checkout. svn diff > bugNumber[.patchNumber].diff e.g. svn diff > 20000.2.diff 24. Attach a patch. Attach it to the ticket. Add a note to the ticket, so that everyone ccd isnotified. 25. No one has responded. What now? 26. Bother the crowd. 27. Learn to love IRC.#wordpress-dev on FreeNode 28. Ask for help. 29. Ping those who arehandling your ticket! 30. Dont rely on wp-hackers. 31. Twitter is your friend. 32. Be prepared for rejection. 33. Iteration is key.Its okay if someone else has a better idea. 34. Lets work together tomake a better WordPress. 35. Any Questions? Schroder (DH-Shredder)@GetSource -