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Japanese: 日本Open Source Office Suites & OpenDocument Format利用推進グループ (ODPG: http://odpg.org/) で行ったプレゼンです。ODFのオーバービューについて述べています。

Text of Learn about ODF / ODF‚’見‌†

  • 1. ODF ODF 2013 2013.12.19 ogasawara.naruhiko@miraitsystems.jp12/20/13ODPG20131

2. (OGASAWARA, Naruhiko) ODPG / WG Software Design, Ubuntu Magazine Japan, Gihyo.jp, IT Pro 12/20/13ODPG20132 3. ODF ODF ODF ODF vs OOXML12/20/13ODPG20133 4. ODF ODF ODF ODF vs OOXML12/20/13ODPG20134 5. ODF Open Document Format Apache OpenOffice LibreOffice OpenOffice.org Abiword Gnumeric Calligra KOffice Microsoft Office Google Drive 12/20/13MS Office ODF 1.2 2013 ODPG20135 6. ODF OASIS (https://www.oasis-open.org/) Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) TC http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/office TC = Technical Committee ISO/IEC 1.2 OASIS (2012.01.11) 12/20/13ISO/IEC ODPG20136 7. TC TC IRC member companies: Adobe Systems, Google Inc., IBM, Intel Corporation, Justsystem Corporation, KDE e.V., Microsoft, Mozilla Foundation, Novell, Oracle, Red Hat, The Document Foundation, https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/office/obligation.php Novell Collabora 12/20/13ODPG20137 8. ODF ODF ODF ODF vs OOXML12/20/13ODPG20138 9. ODF = ZIP XML + $ unzip ../ODF.odp Archive: ../ODF.odp extracting: mimetype extracting: Thumbnails/thumbnail.png inflating: meta.xml inflating: settings.xml inflating: content.xml inflating: Pictures/TablePreview1.svm extracting: Pictures/10000000000001680000003C4B8CF63D.jpg extracting: Pictures/1000020100000258000000B2FAEDCD5A.png extracting: Pictures/1000000000000320000000C8FC9C48B6.png extracting: Pictures/1000351400009698000054ABF11AC20D.svg extracting: Pictures/10000201000003AF00000212D6B53D6E.png extracting: Pictures/10000000000000200000002000309F1C.png inflating: styles.xml creating: Configurations2/images/Bitmaps/ inflating: Configurations2/accelerator/current.xml creating: Configurations2/floater/ creating: Configurations2/popupmenu/ creating: Configurations2/statusbar/ creating: Configurations2/toolpanel/ creating: Configurations2/progressbar/ creating: Configurations2/menubar/ creating: Configurations2/toolbar/ inflating: META-INF/manifest.xml12/20/13ODPG20139 10. ODF mimetype Thumbnails/*.png settings.xml content.xml Pictures/* mime type XML XML styles.xml Configuraltions2/* META-INF/* META-INF/manifest.xml 12/20/13ODPG201310 11. 12/20/13

ODPG201311 12. 12/20/13 svg:x2="7.937cm" svg:y2="11.855cm">

ODPG2013 12

13. XML ODF Writer cm 12/20/13ODPG201313 14. gr1 = 0.1cm 12/20/13ODPG201314 15. OASIS Technical Work Produced by the Committee Open Document Format v1.2https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=office#technical Part 1 OpenDocument Schemahttp://docs.oasis-open.org/office/v1.2/OpenDocument-v1.2-part1.pdfPart 2 Recalculated Formula (OpenFormula) Format http://docs.oasis-open.org/office/v1.2/OpenDocument-v1.2-part3.pdfPart 3 Packageshttp://docs.oasis-open.org/office/v1.2/OpenDocument-v1.2-part3.pdf 12/20/13ODPG201315 16. Part 1 OpenDocument Schema XML ODF OpenDocument Text DocumentOpenDocument Spreadsheet DocumentOpenDocument Drawing DocumentOpenDocument Presentation DocumentOpenDocument Formula DocumentOpenDocument Database Front End Document12/20/13ODPG201316 17. Part 1 OpenDocument Schema Producer Consumer Producer: ODF Consumer: ODF 12/20/13ODPG201317 18. Part 1 Open Document Schema Content Database Front-end DocumentText FieldFormText IndexesCommonTablesSMIL AnnotationsGraphicStylesChartFormatting ElementsTextParagraph Element 12/20/13ODPG201318 19. Part 1 Open Document Schema Datatypes W3C Schema Datatypes string, date, time, dateTime, decimal, duration, int, integer, nonNegativeInteger, positiveInteger, double, long, short, base64Binary, ID, IDREF, NCNamesOther Datatypes 12/20/13angle, anyIRI, boolean, cellAddress, cellRangeAddress, cellRangeAddressList, character, clipShape, color, coodinate, countryCode, CURIE, CURIEs, dateOrDatetime, distance, language, languageCode, length, namespacedToken, nonNegativeLength, nonNegativePixelLength, pathData, percent, point3D, points, positiveLength, relativeLength, safeCURIE, scriptCode, sizedZeroToHandledPercent, styleName, styleNameRef, targetFrameName, textEncoding, timeOrDateTime, URLorSafeCURIE, valueType, variableName, vector3D, zeroToHandledPercent ODPG2013IRI = Internationalized Resource Identifiers CURIE = Compact URI expression 19 20. Part 1 Open Document Schema Attributes svg:x2="7.937cm" svg:y2="11.855cm">

XML General Attributes Formatting Attributes 12/20/13 ODPG201320 21. Part 2 OpenFormula Format ODF 1.1 Open Document Schema 1.2 Expression Evaluator OpenDocument Formula Expression ~= OpenFormula OpenDocument Formula Expression OpenDocument Formula Medium Group Evaluator12/20/13OpenDocument Formula Small Group EvaluatorOpenDocument Formula Large Group EvaluatorOpenFormulaODPG2013 21 22. Part 3 Packages ODF p.9 Encryption Digital Signature 12/20/13ODPG201322 23. ODF Validator ODF (validate) Apache ODF Toolkit http://incubator.apache.org/odftoolkit/conformance/ODFValidator.htmlWeb http://odf-validator.rhcloud.com/12/20/13ODPG201323 24. ODF Plugfest Plugfest plug = ODF Plugfest ODF OpenDoc Society 12/20/13 2012 10 LibreOffice Conf ODPG201324 25. ODF ODF ODF ODF vs OOXML12/20/13ODPG201325 26. ODF ODF ODF ODF 12/20/13ODPG201326 27. ODF ODF ODF ODF 12/20/13 Excel 2003 Calc ODPG201327 28. ODF ODF ODF Validator 12/20/13 ODPG201328 29. ODF ODF ODF ODF vs OOXML12/20/13ODPG201329 30. OOXML MS Office 2007 Office Open XML OpenXMLMicrosoft ECMA http://www.ecma-international.org/default.htm (ECMA-376) http://www.ecma-international.org/publications/standards/Ecma-376.htm ISO/IEC 12/20/13ODPG201330 31. OOXML MS Office MS Office () OOXML MS Office MS Office 2007 MS Office 12/20/13 ODPG2013() http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library31 /cc313105%28v=office.12%29.aspx 32. OOXML = ZIP XML + $ unzip ../line-thickness.xlsx $ unzip ../line-thickness.xlsx Archive: ../line-thickness.xlsx Archive: ../line-thickness.xlsx inflating: [Content_Types].xml inflating: [Content_Types].xml inflating: _rels/.rels inflating: _rels/.rels inflating: xl/_rels/workbook.xml.rels inflating: xl/_rels/workbook.xml.rels inflating: xl/workbook.xml inflating: xl/workbook.xml inflating: xl/theme/theme1.xml inflating: xl/theme/theme1.xml inflating: xl/worksheets/_rels/sheet1.xml.rels inflating: xl/worksheets/_rels/sheet1.xml.rels inflating: xl/worksheets/sheet2.xml inflating: xl/worksheets/sheet2.xml inflating: xl/worksheets/sheet3.xml inflating: xl/worksheets/sheet3.xml inflating: xl/worksheets/sheet1.xml inflating: xl/worksheets/sheet1.xml inflating: xl/styles.xml inflating: xl/styles.xml inflating: docProps/core.xml inflating: docProps/core.xml inflating: xl/printerSettings/printerSettings1.bin inflating: xl/printerSettings/printerSettings1.bin inflating: docProps/app.xml inflating: docProps/app.xml12/20/13ODPG201332 33. OOXML Excel worksheet + (sheets n) ODF OOXML ODF 1000 OOXML 6500 Office Open XML overview 14 http://www.ecma-international.org/news/TC45_current_work/OpenXML%20White%20Paper.pdf12/20/13ODPG201333 34. OOXML ODF Excel Excel ODF 12/20/13OOXML ODPG2013 34 35. OOXML ODF ODF cm OOXML ODF (ODF like)OOXML s = "1"stroke-width=??s = "?"OOXML OOXML stroke-width=0.1cm12/20/13ODPG201335 36. OOXML Validator / Plugfest OOXML Validator) http://ooxmlvalidator.codeplex.com/ OOXML 4 3.0 Plugfest 2009 OOXML 12/20/13ODPG201336 37. ODF ODF ODF ODF vs OOXML12/20/13ODPG201337 38. ODF Apache OpenOffice/LibreOffice ZIP XML ODF OOXML Microsoft ODF XML+ZIP MS Office 12/20/13ODPG201338