Libraries & Open Source: Freedom and Community

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As presented for SWFLN in Jan 2010

Text of Libraries & Open Source: Freedom and Community

  • 1.Libraries & Open Source: Freedom and CommunityNicole C. EngardDirector of Open Source EducationByWater Solutions Monday, January 25, 2010 1

2. Outline What is Open Source?Products for your LibraryQ&A ThroughoutMonday, January 25, 2010 2 3. What is Open Source? Isnt that insecure? I dont want to share my data! How can it be any good if its free? We dont have the staff to handleopen source. Weve never had success withhomegrown systems. Monday, January 25, 2010 3 4. What is Open Source? Open source software is software that users have the ability to run, distribute, study and modify for any purpose.Open source is a collaborative software- development method that harnesses the power of peer review and transparency of process to develop code that is freely accessible.1Open source draws on an ecosystem of thousands of developers and customers all over the world to drive innovation.21,2, January 25, 2010 4 5. What is Free Software? Often you will hear Free & Open Source Software (F/OSS) in conjunction. The Free Software Denition (http:// is similar to, but not identical to the Open Source Denition (http:// denition.php) Free does not mean free of cost - it means Free as in FreedomMonday, January 25, 20105 6. What is Open Source?The Cathedral(proprietary software) Development occurs behind walls Source code is usually not provided - kept locked up Corporate hierarchyThe Bazaar(open source software) Code developed over the Internet with several others inpublic view Source code open to all users Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow Monday, January 25, 20106 7. Open Source Governance What kind of quality control is there?Most open source projects have a release manager or amanager of some sort who reviews the code and approves itbefore adding it to the nal releaseWhat is the roll of the community?The community looks out for the best interests of the software.They work as the governing body behind all decisions related tothe software. The community decides what features to developnext and who the managers are.Monday, January 25, 2010 7 8. Open Source Community Open source is about more than free software Community is crucial to the growth of open source Without shared knowledge and collaboration the project will not grow People who use open source can collaborate in many ways with the community Write code Write documentation Debug Educate others Monday, January 25, 20108 9. Open Source Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing has it genesis in the open source movement in software. The development of the Linux operating system proved that a community of like-minded peers was capable of creating a better product than a corporate behemoth like Microsoft. Open source revealed a fundamental truth about humans that had gone largely unnoticed until the connectively of the Internet brought it into high relief: labor can often be organized more efciently in the context of a community than it can in the context of the corporation. The best person to do a job is the one who most wants to do that job; and the best people to evaluate their performance are their friends and peers who, by the way, will enthusiastically pitch in to improve the nal product, simply for the sheer pleasure of helping one another and creating something beautiful from which they all will benet.Howe, J. (2008). Crowdsourcing: Why the power of the crowd is driving the future ofbusiness. New York: Crown Business. p.8Monday, January 25, 2010 9 10. Whos Using Open Source? Government Agencies All Kinds of Businesses Schools (K-colleges) Web Developers Monday, January 25, 2010 10 11. Open Source in Business Monday, January 25, 2010 11 12. Open Source on the WebTotal Active Servers: 6/2000 to 1/2010, January 25, 201012 13. Why so Popular? Reliability through Peer Review Freedom to Innovate No Vendor Lock-in User-centric Development Zero License Fees Monday, January 25, 201013 14. Why should libraries care??Monday, January 25, 201014 15. Open Source & Libraries Libraries and Open Source Both... Believe that information should be freely accessible to everyone Give away stuff Benet from the generosity of others Are about communities Make the world a better place-- Horton, G. Monday, January 25, 201015 16. Open Source & LibrariesLibraries and Open Source make the perfect pair [Librarians] "are almost ethicallyrequired to use and develop open sourcesoftware." -- Crawford, R. S."The open source movement andlibraries have a lot in common, not theleast of which is the belief in free andopen access to ideas and information"-- Burger, T. M. Monday, January 25, 201016 17. Open Source & LibrariesLibraries and Open Source make the perfect pairLibraries are committed to the notion of the commons. Libraries are in fact one of the last best hopes for the preservation of the intellectual commons. That value system should extend to the intellectual work we do on our access systems. We should reclaim the domain of library technology from the commercial and proprietary realms and actualize is as part of our vision of the commons.... We are also congenital collaborators. Can you think of any other group of institutions that share their stuff the way we do through ILL?-- Lucia, J., January 25, 201017 18. Open Source Concerns, January 25, 201018 19. Open Source & LibrariesCommon questions libraries have: Is there support? Do I have to know how to program?Do I have to skimp on features?Isnt Open Source risky?Can I do it myself?Monday, January 25, 2010 19 20. Support for Open SourceIs there support? ByWater Solutions BibLibre Equinox YourLibrarySite And more!*Do I have to know howto program? Local Students Freelance Developers * Monday, January 25, 201020 21. Do I have to skimp on features? Open Source developers followthe rule of Release early andrelease often Users vote with their dollars andtime Freedom to develop on yourown Developers love their products Monday, January 25, 2010 21 22. Isnt Open Source Risky? Casey Coleman, chief information ofcer for the GSA (U.S. General Services Administration), said in a speech ... that the GSA heavily relies on open source to drive down costs, increase exibility of IT dollars, and reduce risk.You get much more transparency and interoperability, and that reduces your risk, she said., January 25, 2010 22 23. Isnt Open Source Risky? Several Levels of Risk to consider: Software security issues Open source is just as secure ifnot more secure thanproprietary systems because ofits transparency Company mergers and acquisitions Because you own the code toyour system you are not tied toone support source and willnever be left without support Monday, January 25, 201023 24. Isnt Open Source Risky? For a total 284 days in 2006 (or more than nine months out of the year), exploit code for known, unpatched critical aws in pre- IE7 versions of the browser was publicly available on the Internet. Likewise, there were at least 98 days last year in which no software xes from Microsoft were available to x IE aws that criminals were actively using to steal personal and nancial data from users.In a total of ten cases last year, instructions detailing how to leverage "critical" vulnerabilities in IE were published online before Microsoft had a patch to x them.In contrast, Internet Explorer's closest competitor in terms of market share -- Mozilla's Firefox browser -- experienced a single period lasting just nine days last year in which exploit code for a serious security hole was posted online before Mozilla shipped a patch to remedy the problem. Quote: Image: Monday, January 25, 2010 24 25. Can I do it myself? Absolutely, with the right in- house skillsLinux server managementWeb programming Perl / PHP / MySQLSystems knowledge Monday, January 25, 201025 26. Some Numbers Monday, January 25, 201026 27. Open Source & LibrariesWhen asked what Open Source apps they use at work, 977 librariansand library workers answered as follows Monday, January 25, 2010 27 28. Open Source & Libraries When asked why they chose and open source app, 977 librarians and library workers answered as follows Monday, January 25, 201028 29. Give me some examples!!Monday, January 25, 201029 30. Operating System Is and always will be free of charge Ubuntu contains all the applicationsyou'll ever need: word processing email applications web server software programming tools games Designed with security in mind Great for patron stations!!Jessamyn installs Ubuntu in her library: Lock down Ubuntu for Patron Stations: Download Ubuntu: Monday, January 25, 201030 31. Operating System - For Kids! Is and always will be free of charge Qimo has applications specic to kids Based on the open source Ubuntu Linux