Mobile Marketing For Small Businesses

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Mobile Marketing For Small Businesses.

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  • 1. Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

2. Your mobile strategy Today a website is something no company can live without. Fast forward 5 or 10 years and a mobile website will be something no company can live without.Before you know it, mobile strategy will be a key component of your overall business and digital strategy. 3. Your mobile strategy Consumers are hooked to their smartphones/tablets and this number is growing exponentially. The Mobile Platform - is the greatest opportunity for businesses to (a) To find new customers (b) Build relationships with existing customers(c) Explore new innovative ways to spread your message - for e.x location based marketing, QR codes, etc (d) Experiment with new business models 4. Your mobile strategy According to Wikipedia Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations tocommunicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network. Mobile marketing encapsulates an array of methods and technologies. How can businesses get started?Here are 4 cost effective ways for businesses to get started. 5. Mobile Website Create a mobile website version of your website . A mobile website is easy to build and will give your firm a presence on all smartphones quickly and cost effectively.Think of your mobile website as your address in the mobile ecosystem. All other mobile marketing techniques will be executed in-addition having your mobile website as base. 1. 6. QR Codes QR codes are physical 2D bar codes that, when scanned with a mobile app takes the user toa mobile landing page. (a)Companies can publish/tag QR codes on their physical marketing brochures, flyers, product tags, advertising material, etc andempower users to scan and get complete details of the object/service/event on a mobile landing page. Businesses get access to rich insights like user engagement and lead collection. 2. (b)The mobile landing page can have videos,pictures and a call to action to collect leads. (c)For ex a QR code in a magazine ad couldprovide immediate detailed information to the user. 7. 3. SMS Marketing Getting started with SMS mobile marketing is fast and cost effective.(a) According to recent research from comScore, 68.1 percent ofU.S. mobile subscribers used text messaging on their mobile device in January. (c) Send out coupons/deals/specials to yourcustomers via SMS.(b) Leverage your existing customer database andweb opt-in programs and make SMS mobilemarketing part of your mobile marketing strategy. 8. Google Mobile Ads Consumers are increasingly relying on Google mobile search for information. Research shows these consumers make instant decisions based on search results on the mobile web.

  • Having a mobile website is the first step to be found on mobile search.
  • The second step would be to advertise with Google Mobile Ads and
  • direct consumers to your mobile website or targeted landing pages.
  • Businesses can connect with consumers while they search on-the-go.

(a) Your ads appear beside related mobile search results or across mobile content(b) Users can click on your ads and the either land on your website or customized mobile landing page.4. Image Credit: 9. As the mobile platform continues to grow for - it will be very important for both businesses and consumers.Businesses need to start with the low hanging fruits - learn, build and optimize from there. 10. Contact Us Your mobile strategy