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  • 1. September 9, How to Make Online Advertising 2012 Work for Your Business Fred

2. Agenda What is online advertising? Myths (and facts) Quick How can this help my business?Overview Case study Summary/Questions Why isnt it working for me then? (member audit) FoundPages 3. What is online advertising? Google, Yahoo ads on search results Sponsored linksNot Just Contextual ads beside articles on websitesBanners Banners and skyscrapers on websites Online directory listings (Yahoo and others) Pay-per-click vs CPM (cost per 1000) vs Fixed Search engine optimization (free ads) Online press releases Growing at 40% per year 4. Myths (and facts) People can click on your ads and charge up $$$ on your account using pay per click (click fraud) Dont Let Text ads are not very effectiveMyths Stop We need to pay more $$$ to be seen (bid) You Cost more than a fixed price print ad (Yellow pages) Yellow pages offers the same thing Doesnt work for local advertising Its hard to do and is for big companies Its easy to do ourselves, or for my web designer 5. How can this help my business? Interest in your ad can be directly sent to your website for more info and further contactSo Whats Low cost and highly relevant traffic In it for Us? Low creative costs for ads (if any) Search engines used much more than Yellow Pages Ads can be changed easily and instantly Local, national or global Increase leads, inquiries and new customers! 6. Example: Benchmark ManagementMember CaseStudy 7. Before and after Property management company established for over 20 yearsRecent BBB Website had 150 first time visitors (not hits) per Membermonth on averageProfile Now has over 300 on average a 100% increase in relevant traffic Monthly advertising cost less than $85 Testimonial We are taking on 4 new properties this October. We are busier now than we have been in 23 years Dennis Anderson, President 8. Screenshot 1: AdRelevant andTimely 9. Screenshot 2: ResultNo More Sprayand Pray 10. Summary/Questions Online advertising is low cost and highly effective Myths come from misunderstanding, poor practiceOnlineand competitionAdvertising Works for almost any business, and especially wellfor small to medium size Works fast and is easy to measure, change Questions 11. FP iMarketing Calgary based firm specializing in online marketingproducts and services 90+ clients since 2004 1-877-872-2ROI Nominated by Deloitte as a 2008 Tech Watch Proven, experienced online marketing expertise Full service online marketing, including websitedevelopment, online advertising and projectmanagement Use the best tools, practices and trained personnelto leverage online marketing for YOU 12. Clients Artists of the World HC Piper Manufacturing Dent Clinic Calgary ABL ImagingTrusted by Diversified Staffing Clinicare Software Over 90 Evans Consoles Westcor MortgageClients Johnston Group Red Arrow Bus Benchmark Management Genstar Development Co. West Canadian Graphics The Manor Villages South Centre Fine Cars Jayman MasterBUILT Len T Wong and Assoc And more than 70 others! 13. Live Examples/Audit Benchmark Property ManagementVolunteer Use Google search ads toYourdemonstrateSituation banners andcontextual ad examples Landing page example How about your online ad or website?

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