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2. PREPARATION 3. Dene your 3 mission critical tasks and do them ONLY Prioritize the most important task 1. 2. 3. 4. Use project management tools This gives a macro view of whats going on and allows you to delegate tasks that may better be completed by another person 5. Delegate Team work makes the dream work 6. Intellectual Honesty When you enjoy what you do you will nd yourself being much more productive ! If you really suck at doing something try delegating the work ! Outsource the things you suck at: 7. Use a whiteboard After looking at Trello and delegating out tasks, put yours on a white board. Usually this is 10-15 tasks. 8. GETTING SHIT DONE 9. Set iPhone and Mac to Do Not Disturb Mode 10. Do what's important not what's urgent 11. Listen to music to focus Music helps you stay focused (on a single wave), stimulates your brain, and helps you be more creative 12. Use VIP Inbox on iOS Read only the most important emails in the VIP Inbox 13. Take a rest when your brain gets tired 14. @chinaccelerator