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  • Rankbuilder Review

    Im sure you have heard about Rankbuilder software and your curious if this backlink building software solution

    is right for you. If you dont have a lot of backlinks to your site, you wont rank very well in Google. You also want

    those backlinks to rank well in Google so that you can get even more traffic to your site.

    Rankbuilder is a software that has been designed to

    create thousands of different web properties and

    backlinks so that you can get your website ranked #1 on

    Google. The best part is that it builds backlinks for you

    on autopilot so that you can spend time doing the things

    you really want to(spending time with family, watching

    sports or whatever you may like to watch, or just being

    able to do nothing).

    Rankbuilder is very easy to install and use and is broken

    up into six modules. Each module will allow you to

    create a specific type of backlinks. Now Ill break down the six modules.

    Module 1: The Link Wheel Builder

    Web NEO properties have always proven that they can be super powerful backlinks especially when they are

    used in what is know as link networks, but attempting to create multiple link networks on your own can be a

    extremely time consuming process. Also, be sure to understand that you need more than this type of backlink to

    avoid getting penalized by Google. The LinkWheel Builder module will let you create thousands of different web

    NEO properties and power packed linkwheels that you can use to send link juice to your targeted web page.

    The more link juice that you send to your web page, the higher it will rank in Google. This module also takes

    advantage of the RSS feeds that are created by each web property to make even more backlinks. It takes the RSS

    feed from every web NEO property and combines it into one new feed, then rankbuilder submits that feed to 10

    different RSS directories.

    If that wasnt great enough, the LinkWheel Builder also has an extremely powerful feature called the Link Booster.

    It submits all of the web NEO and RSS links to the best bookmarking sites on the net. This will give you even more

    new backlinks to your site and provide you even more link juice.


  • Module 2- Profile Link Builder

    Profile links are an execllent supply of backlinks simply because they help to increase the hyperlink diversity of

    the backlink profile. Rankbuilder NEO has over 1000 high PR forums and sites that make backlinks from. Also it

    even includes a spinner feature that may help you to make certain that all your profile backlinks are unique.

    Module 3- Social Bookmark

    An execllent supply of traffic and backlinks is social bookmarks. The

    Social Bookmark Module will help you to create as much as 30

    backlinks on a few of the top book-marking sites around the

    internet. Social book marking is generally used as second and third

    tier backlinks and make certain that the first and second tier

    bookmarks get indexed in the search engines.

    Module 4- Article Submitter

    Articles are mainly a great resource of backlinks nowadays and also the more articles that you could create and

    connect to your website, the greater. Using the Rankbuilder Article Submitter module, it is simple to submit

    multiple articles to the peak 30 article sites on the internet. While many people are often put off by article

    promotion due to all of the recent Google formula changes, it ought to be used since it continues to have a

    measure of effectiveness and in addition it increases the diversity of the backlink profile.

    Module 5- Press Release Submitter

    Press Releases can rank very well in the search engines and drive a lot of visitors to your website too. The Press

    Release Module includes over 30 free pr release platforms which you can use to construct backlinks and drive top

    quality visitors to your website.

    Module 6- Video Submitter

    Marketing with video continues to be among the top marketing techniques for several years and will also be for

    several years in the future. Videos rank perfectly in the search engines and have been shown to drive a lot of

    specific visitors to websites. Due to this, you have to be using videos for marketing as well as for backlink building

    reasons. The Rankbuilder Video Submission module will help you to submit videos to the peak 10 video sharing

    sites around the internet.

    How effective is the Rankbuilder NEO Software?

    The Rankbuilder NEO software has shown to

    be an effective solution if this involves building

    backlinks, however, you ought to be careful

    when utilizing an automatic software to

    construct backlinks. Google is very picky about

    the amount of backlinks that demonstrate up

    pointing to some website previously and may

    tell if youre getting back links naturally or



  • Bottom line if youre looking for a powerful backlink building tool that will allow you to build an unlimted amount

    of backlinks and drive targeted traffic to your site, then Rankbuilder is a good option. However use with care to

    avoid getting penalized by Google. Rankbuilder can help you to get the results that your looking for.

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