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SalesBabu Business Solutions is a leading software service provider that works on an online basis. The software is caters the needs of sales and marketing executives. The complete Sales portfolio, right from managing inquiries, converting opportunities, creating quotations, keep a track of stock ,maintaining a proper capital outlet and much more is maintained inside the software . The Online Software, help you access your data from any corner of the world and anytime you require it. Now, there no longer are any threats of data crash or data loss. Cloud Technology help you keep data safe and secured.

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  • SalesBabu CRM Ensuring Sales Success Combining the Benefits of cloud computing Technology With Client Management Portal
  • SalesBabu Cloud CRM Cloud Technology is one of the leading technology implemented in various realms. Cloud means internet, the network of multiple servers located in different locations. Cloud technology get advantage because of its easy accessibility anytime and at any place. What cant you do in cloud ??? The Answer is difficult to search . You can search, store and locate, retrieve whatever information you want ,of any size.
  • Advantage of Cloud CRM of Traditional Premise Based CRMs Cloud CRM Premise Hosted Easy Installation No Cost of Server Set UP and Server maintenance No IT staff required. Even a novice with a handful knowledge can operate software. Cost Effective Solution. Mostly Preferred because of anytime and anywhere accessibility High End Implementation process Large Expenditure for entire new server set up, its maintenance. Complete IT Staff required to maintain server, its debugging, testing and code maintenance . Highly costly Restricted privileges
  • SalesBabu CRM Modules SalesBabu CRM is a cloud based CRM solution that offers an integrated sales and marketing platform to cover entire sales process smoothly. SalesBabu CRM cloud offers an integrated platform to manage the entire sales cycle, from Lead Management upto Sales Closure.
  • SalesBabu CRM: Core Functionality Manages Leads:- Lead management and lead nurturing is a very important sales phenomena managed effectively by SalesBabu CRM. Manage Contacts: Maintaining old clientele and fresh prospects has never been so easy as is now with cloud CRM vendors such as SalesBabu. Now all contacts /accounts are easily recorded in a centralized database where all the activities pertaining to them are stored all together.
  • SalesBabu CRM: Core Functionality Manage Quotations: Now the quotation management is easily done with the help of SalesBabu CRM cloud. Easy line level or aggregate taxation, discounts, amendments etc every technical aspect of quotation management is facilitated. Configure Product Master:- Managing all the products under a singe roof is now much simpler. In Cloud CRM, you can maintain your products, along with their technical specification , price Structure, Product principal, category, subcategory and much more
  • SalesBabu Cloud CRM: Core Functionality Role Base Access Control : You can easily restrict your sales team accessibility in CRM in order to maintain proper work protocol and limiting the data accessibility. As admin, one can define what rights a particular user can avail to control data tampering. Document Library: You can easily upload all the important documents inside the software itself, so that anytime you want the data is well within your reach.
  • SalesBabu CRM: Core Functionality MIS, Reports & Analytics: CRM evades your headache of manually collecting data and preparing tedious reports in a limited time frame. Whatever information is fed inside the software, automatically the reports are generated which are downloadable. Thus all reports are available anytime its required.
  • SalesBabu CRM: Benefits Data Centralized at a common point. Uniform information flow throughout the organization. Avoid any kind of data inconsistency or duplicacy. Sales manager can keep an eye upon the activities of the sales team. Visibility of the entire Sales Funnel.
  • SalesBabu CRM Benefits Easy Sales Forecasting through number of data available. Easy integration of marketing and sales at a common platform. Easy Database Management . Two types of user access control , one for admin, and the other for users. Data access rights thus managed strictly . Working with cloud CRM makes it easier
  • SalesBabu CRM Successful Implementations SalesBabu CRM has been successfully implemented in various industry verticals proving its dynamism and easy adaptability. Some of the major industry verticals where it has proven its impeccable capabilities are jotted below. Manufacturing: Ensures healthy ROI , increases profitability, easy work management. Easy tracking Of Delivery And dispatch time etc. Services:- Helps satisfy customer expectations. Easy complaint handling mechanism and resolving issues well within time frame.
  • SalesBabu CRM Successful Implementations HealthCare :- Help companies get connected to their potential clients. Helps sales forecast, track all historical data stored centrally at the server. Sales And Distribution:- Easy partner management portfolio, keeps track of information pertaining to all the sales channel responsible for delivering the product to the end customer. Ensures transparency in sales cycle visibility. Retail :- SalesBabu cloud has proven successful CRM implementations in retail sector to keep proper product availability, proper customer database management system etc.
  • SalesBabu CRM Successful Implementations Pharmaceutical Industry :- Keep track of activities of MRs, and manage their appointments, expenses, travel management , channel partner management all in one package. Travel CRM :- helps you manage client query in an simplified manner. Provides auto reminder ,Booking follow up management, itinerary mailing, campaigning etc. Education Sector :- Widely implemented in education sector. Track the important informations such fee payment scheduling, inquiry management, courses with highest /lowest inquiries, pending payment scheduling etc.
  • SalesBabu CRM Successful Implementations Real Estate CRM :- helps sales people gauge their pipeline, track easily different sources for different inquiry, reflect complete sales funnel. Call Center CRM:- Call centers are a major sources of generating leads. SalesBabu helps managing all the telephonic activities, by getting easily integrated with the EPBAX. Keep track of all inbound and outbound calls . Easy distribution of work facilitated. Chemical Industry :- Complete product manage package. Important details like composition details are easily maintained. Doc library can be used to store reference guides for future requirements.