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Semantic Wiki: Social Semantic Web in Use

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This is my invited talk on Semantic Wiki to the Key Lab of Intelligent Information Processing at Fudan University in Shanghai during ASWC 2009 when I gave a similar tutorial on semantic mediawiki and applications.

Text of Semantic Wiki: Social Semantic Web in Use

Semantic mediaWiki and Applications

Semantic Wiki: Social Semantic Web In UseA Gentle IntroductionJesse Wang 12/7/2009Invited Talk at Intelligent Information Processing Lab, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

AboutJesse Wang ()Development Architect | Research Program ManagerVulcan Inc., Seattle, WA, USAPaul G. Allen (Microsoft Co-founder)s private companyPaul Allen co-founded Microsoft the foundation of Microsofts successPersuaded [[Bill Gates]] to quit [[Harvard University]]Spearheaded a deal to buy [[QDOS]] and the rest is historyA vision and some big ideas


http://ProjectHalo.com2Wiki & Semantic WebOther Big Ideas3AgendaWikiSemantic WikiExamples of Semantic WikisUseful Extensions of Semantic MediaWikiFun and Real Applications built on Semantic MediaWiki

44Wikipedia million articles (3.1 million in English) Deutschsprachige Wikipedia: 900,000+ articles (2009/5): 600,000+ articles (2009/7)Chinese Wiki-like Encyclopedia 3.9 million articles, 4.3 billion chars (2009/12) 1900430 articles (2009/12)

Wikis as We Know5

Some Popular Intenet Directory: > 14,000,000City wikis umbrella wikis for cities GeoNames places: 8,000,000 +OpenStreetMap the Free Wiki World Map: > 100,000 USERS

Wikitravel travel guidesLyricWiki - LyricsWikileaks leak info anonymouslywikiHow how to ShopWiki you knowSNPedia youll know


Even More WikisWetPaintlets you build a rich, online community around the whatever-it-is that youre really into. Utilizing the best features of wikis, blogs, forums and social networks, Wetpaint mixes everything you need so you can create, collect, and organize content on your own social website.NingNing offers an easy-to-use service that allows people to join and create Ning Networks. To explore and express their interests, discover new passions, and meet new people around shared pursuits.7

Wiki Is HOT8

So What is a WikiBy Wikipedia:Awiki(pronounced/wki/WIK-ee) is awebsitethat allows the easy[1]creation and editing of any number ofinterlinkedweb pagesvia aweb browserusing a simplifiedmarkup languageor aWYSIWYGtext editor.[2][3]Wikis are typically powered bywiki softwareand are often used to createcollaborativewebsites, to power community websites, for personalnote taking, in corporateintranets, and inknowledge managementsystems.9What Wiki Is Really AboutQuick and Easy no need of extra softwareCollaborative Community AuthoringInterlinked ContentVersion ControlNotification

10Wikis Engines almost all popular programming languages11

What Wiki is Now: PlatformWiki is not only a wiki engine, web site, hosting serviceIt is a social, collaborative productivity systemIt is a platform where people can build web applicationsIt marries the web of computers with the web of peopleIt is a great indicator of human Civilization!12Many Wiki ServicesWikiaWiki communities for everyonePBWiki/PBWorksOnline Collaboration that just WorksTwikiOpen Source Enterprise Wiki and Web 2.0 App PlatformMoinMoinadvanced, easy to use and extensibleWikiEngineWikiWorks Semantic Wiki hosting service13

Wikis Are Great Enable new scale of human collaboration

Everyone can readEveryone can writeEveryone can editEveryone is accountable for everything

14Wiki : the Web in the Small15

With man power!Human Involvements are Great!16But some things are better left to machines

Wiki Clock ?

17Wikipedia has lots of info, but

Wikipedia has articles about all cities their populations their mayors the skyscrapers # of floors built year18Not Readily UsableSo can I ask for a list of the worlds 10 largest cities with a female mayor?Sort by population, ageOr Skyscrapers in China with 70+ floors and built after 2005?Or in Singapore, Shanghai, East Asia?Built in year range 1990-2000?With 50/60 floors and more?Sort by floors, year, height?Group by regions, cities?Height in meter?


Will Search Help?Not something you can do now or in the foreseeable near future20

Wikipedias answer: lists21




Can you really get your answers?2525

Wiki Answers? Nice try, but26

We NeedMore HelpWhat computers can understand (powered by programs) is simple named entities, such as:... 43285812... 2009-12-07... 400 Guoding Road, Shanghai, China... Jesse WangStill not always correct with all the possible variations of formats...

27Question: How to get Answers out of the ContentThe female majors of top 10 cities, sorted by population, starting year, ageAll skyscrapers in China (Japan, Thailand,) of 50 (40/60/70) floors or more, and built in year 2000 (2001/2002) and after, sorted by built year, floors, grouped by cities, regionsMedian annual salary of CEOs of Fortune 100 companies in America (Europe, Asian,)(And so on)28Answer: More ContentNot just any type of contentWe need structured contentMetadataNot just any type of metadataGood quality metadata

29Question: How to get more quality metadata?Semantic WikisViews from Different Angles30Definition: Semantic WikisSemantic Wiki is awikithat has an underlyingmodel of the knowledgedescribed in its pages.The knowledge model found in a semantic wiki is typically available in aformal language, so that machines can process it into anentity-relationshipor relationaldatabase.Semantic Web compatibilityTo allow users to make their internal knowledge more explicit and more formal, so that the information in a wiki can be searched and presented in better ways

31What structure & How to get itA Little More Structure Knowledge ManagementQuantity (count, types) Quality (consistent, complete)Data in Triples Ontology ReasoningApproachesWikis for MetadataMetadata for Wikis


Nova Spivack: MetaWeb33Semantic Wikis2006-now: a major research topic2005: [swikig] mailing list launched2006: First Workshop on Semantic Wikis: From Wiki to Semantics [SemWiki2006] at ESWC2006, Budva, Montenrego 2006: Second Workshop on Semantic Wikis: Wiki-based Knowledge-Engineering [WibKe2006] at WikiSym 2006 in Odense, Denmark2008: Third Workshop on Semantic Wikis: The Wiki Way of Semantics [SemWiki2008] at ESWC2008, Tenerife2009: Semantic Wiki session in SemTech Conference, San Jose, CA2008-2009: Semantic MediaWiki user group meetings in Boston, USA, Stanford, USA, and Karlsruhe, DE

34http://semwiki.org34Semantic Wiki Illustrated35

Basics of Semantic WikisStill a wiki, with regular wiki featuresE.g. Category/Tags, Namespaces, Title, Versioning, ...Typed ContentE.g. Page/Card, Date, Number, URL/Email, String, Typed LinksE.g. capital_of, contains, born_inQuerying Interface SupportE.g. [[Category:Person]] [[Age::