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  • 1. As a smaller company that works with very large media enterprises, Loft London relies on solutions that are powerful and yet cost-effective and fit-for-purposeand Signiant is the perfect fit for our requirements. Many solutions make promises about workflow automation, security, and speed of delivery, but Signiant is one of the few that delivers a product that works exactly as promised.

2. Signiant transport and automation systems are well-known in the industry as a fast and efficient means of content transfer with little or no restrictions on file sizeand it is many times more secure and efficient than using FTP. 3. Many of the international partners we work with are already users of Signiant technology, so the decision to create our Signiant-based ecosystem in Scandinavia makes good sense in regional terms. 4. With Signiant, well be able to help our clients maximize the revenue potential of their movies and other programs by speeding the distribution of foreign language versions to the worldwide market. 5. Signiant not only integrated seamlessly with our existing technologies but they also had all the right relationships with key channel partners and common tool sets that we use to manage a lot of our workflows. They know the media industry and what it needs. 6. Signiants content distribution management software allows us to prioritize bandwidth usage based on network capacity. This ensures that content from each of our partners is ingested quickly and easily in order to provide as much content as possible to our users in a timely manner. Without Signiant, we would not be able to offer the wide range of content that we have available on the site today. 7. We evaluated several hardware and software vendors to find a tool that would help us manage and accelerate the transfer of digital content from one coast to the other. With Signiant, we found a proven software-based solution that not only provides us with WAN acceleration, but the ability to intelligently allocate bandwidth, and centrally manage, track and approve file transfers. Signiant serves as the foundation of our bi-coastal digital media production strategy. 8. We are seeing real-time transfer of HD which has resulted in a reduction in post-production time and cost, while increasing the quality of NFL Replay and other NFL Network produced programming. Not only are we moving our game footage where it needs to go quickly and securely with Signiant, weve also increased our productivity levels and freed up employee time to do other tasks, which is helping our entire business to run more efficiently. 9. Signiant has the cutting-edge technology and functionality we need to run our global business, where other systems we looked at fell short. We wanted a platform that was accepted by the industry, and we feel secure knowing that so many broadcasters and studios are already using Signiant. We carried out a full evaluation and decided to make the investment to implement Signiant as our digital file distribution platform. 10. Signiant made one of our most difficult tasks easier getting the content to the right place at the right time, enabling us to focus on other tasks on this very important project. We could not hit these tight deadlines without Signiant. A typical dubbing reference package is roughly 10 GB. With Signiant, we were seeing speeds of less than thirty minutes around the world, which is huge - nobody else can touch that right now. 11. Signiant provided us with a very comprehensive suite of products to automate our transfer of material, optimise the use of available bandwidth and improve our workflow. The increased volume of traffic can be very effectively handled for little incremental cost. 12. NBC Universal has a rich history of technical innovation in media, and to have this project recognized amongst our international peers is a fantastic tribute. The Micah project is an outstanding example of how the close partnership between users and vendors can turn powerful technology into real-world benefits, and we could not have accomplished this without the exceptional efforts of Digital Rapids and Signiant. 13. The Signiant installation saves us time in two ways: firstly by sending content over secure ftp instead of by courier, and secondly by enabling us to free up staff from carrying out repetitive tasks which allows us to redeploy them more productively. We are poised to enable new revenue streams by sending content to emerging IPTV, Mobile and Over-The-Top services by tailoring the content to meet individual format requirements. 14. Video is a central platform for engaging NHL fans, both online where we serve them content they cannot get anywhere else, and in arenas where we highlight all of the exciting plays happening in other markets. We are constantly innovating to super- serve our avid fans, and deploying Signiant solutions is an important part of that strategy. 15. Prior to Signiant, we had a homegrown system that simply moved files, without any management or tracking, with Signiant, we have a solution that saves us time and provides peace of mind that all of the digital and video files we are distributing for editing, broadcast or archivinghave reached the desired location safely and fully intact. Additionally, Signiants support staff has exceeded our expectations with a professional team ensuring PBS success. 16. The ability to quickly and easily move digital media files into and out of South Africa with Signiant has made the country as a whole a more attractive location to shoot feature films. Weve used Signiants CDM software to transfer feature films like Blood Diamond and Free Willy 3 and have been extremely happy with its file acceleration and management features. 17. In an increasingly competitive market, the ability to cut costs while simultaneously improving our service is a terrific advantage. Signiants Content Distribution Management software covers all our requirements. It will eradicate our reliance on tapes and physical media for content delivery, greatly reduce transport costs and enable faster delivery of content. 18. Signiants technology was a key asset to the production of Universals Bourne Ultimatum, allowing our production units to seamlessly and securely move content between shooting locations and post-production houses. 19. We evaluated a number of file acceleration technologies, but what made Signiant really stand out is its central management system and its ability to intelligently allocate bandwidth. We view Signiant as a strategic partner that will help In-Three achieve its long term goals and optimize the workflow automation and asset management system thats integral to our patented process. 20. Signiant integrates seamlessly with our Avid post production tools as it enables sharing of sequences for quick turnaround to air. 21. Our aim was to have a completely automated workflow, to unify processes and have a single point of configuration and management. The Signiant installation has streamlined our operations and enabled us to manage our resources much more efficiently. 22. One of the unique benefits which Signiant is bringing is the ability for us to build and manage automated network aware file-based workflows. Our file-based workflow operations will involve digital collaboration with other suppliers and partners, it means we to build workflows that are aware not only of all the networks available to Five but can also prioritise the assets accordingly. 23. BT and Signiant are working together to produce business based integrated workflow and distribution solutions which take our clients headaches away. Media companies globally need to focus on the creation, production and distribution of great content to as many consumers in as many formats, and in as many places as possible. The mechanics of how to do that are a distraction which we are delighted to take on as a service to our clients. 24. Microsoft has worked with Signiant to deliver the highest quality online video for NBCs coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, Signiants support of back end content was a key component in the delivery of Olympic footage to the Silverlight player.With hundreds of highlights and more than a thousand hours of coverage, we needed an efficient workflow to bring the Games to Olympic fans, Signiant has been a critical partner in making this process fast and error-free.