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  • 1.(Link building for SEO)

2. History of Links Why Its Important
Types of Links
Good vs. Bad Links
Finding Quality Links
Links for Traffic vs. Links for SEO
3. Internal Content Structure (Siloing)
Myths Around Linkbuilding
Techniques For Asking For A Link
Link Bait (Viral Content)
4. Origin concept of a hyperlink was created in an article by Vannevar Bush As We May Think in 1945 (Wikipedia)
Vannevar Bush 1945
(A History)
5. Links are the currency of the internet. Google results are delivered based on perceived relevance to a search query.
Plain English = Survival of the Most Relevant
Technical = Larry Page (PR Formula)
(Why Do We Care?)
6. at least 130 + other factors.
(Larry Page Rank Formula)
7. The Last Five Years
Source: Nielsen NetRatings
(The Engines)
8. Search engines discover new content via links
Links are signs of trust
Trust can aggregate into authority
Authority can influence rank
Users associate rank with quality
Trust + authority + rank + quality = relevancy, which is a key factor in conversion
(Why Links?)
9. Inbound:
A client links to your site from their site
You comment on a blog with a link to an onsite article
The national AAF organization links to your business
You link to Wikipedia
You link to your partner sites
Link to your contact form
(Types ofLinks)
10. Good = White Hat
Important, authoritative people need to say something (preferably with your keywords) about you (as many as possible).Credit is given to quantity and QUALITY.
(Good vs. Bad Links)
11. Bad = Black Hat
Used to spam Google and can get you kicked out of the index in a jiffy.Techniques include: doorway pages, link farms, cloaking.
(Good vs. Bad Links)
12. Courtesy of Audette Media
(Finding Quality Links)
13. (Exercise)
Pick a neighbor and work together to make a list of five prospective links for your site (for each of you!)
14. (Traffic vs. SEO)
Not all good links are strictly for SEO, even no follow links are worth pursuing if they drive traffic to your site, which end up in conversions!
blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Check for no follow links!
15. Content Trees
(StrategicContent Structure)
16. Content Trees
(StrategicContent Structure)
17. Content Trees
(StrategicContent Structure)
18. Content Trees
(StrategicContent Structure)
19. Myth #1
Linking to other sites will leak your Page Rank and you shouldnt do it.
20. Myth #2
Don't get links from low PR sites
21. Myth #3
Dont Buy Links
22. How Google can tell Paid Links
Labels/content in proximity to Ads/Sponsors
Information on the page how to buy a link.
Relevance of nearby links/copy.
Paid agency code footprint.
Someone reports you.
23. Safe Examples of Paid Links
Ask bloggers for reviews of your product.
Sponsor a site, event or contest.
Donate to a site, event or contest.
Create a contest where entries require a post or link back.
24. Yahoo Site Explorer
Firefox Plugins Like:
SEO Book
Search Quake
Web Analytics
(Who Links To You?)
25. Personal is better (than automated)
Be specific where the link should be (niche related)
Provide anchor text (ex: read more on linkbuilding vs. Smart Solutions Link Building Techniques) and alt text
Double check web address/URL provided
(Asking for a Link)
26. The best way to build links is to create something that others want to link to!
(Build Links During A Recession)
27. A great example of link bait: SEO Books 101 Ways To Build Link Popularity
Create a List, quality content, surveys, join the chamber, blog, DMOZ, old fashioned PR, VIDEO!, tools, contents, giveaways, samples, white paper download, extension or plugin, interviews, games, controversial content, events.
(Link Bait)
28. Where to start a Link building Campaign;
Advanced Link Building;
Link Development vs. Traffic Development and Staying with the Times
The Right honorable Matt Cutts on Link baiting;
Unconventional Link building techniques
Link Building Fundamentals:A Primer
(Link Resources)
29. Like blogging, link building is a slow process with many rewards.
Be creative! Give something to get something typically works.
Play nice, play by Googles rules and dont risk getting booted by Matt Cutts!
Make a goal write it now!
(Final Thoughts)