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Just another DevOps presentation.Italian Agile Day, Rome, 19 November 2001

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  • 1.Spaghetti Devops Just another introduction to DevOpsQuotes, ideas and graphics shamelessly stolen from various sources Agile Days, 19/11/2011 Rome

2. DEV vs OPS 3. The IT silos Development Operations QA DevOps is aboutfrictionless collaboration 4. Converging Trends Web 2.0 Cloud and Virtualization Agile Operations Lean Startups Velocity Conf 5. The Google Index10 Nov 2011 Results on developer: 770,000,000 sysadmin: 7,160,000 sysadm: 866,000 devops: 814,000 6. Job trends ( 7. DevOps Reference Patrick Debois site Newsletter: DevOps Cafe DevOps Days News aggregator: Camp DevOps 8. Its all about people!Its not about the tools, its about the culture!Its not about tools. Its the peopleThe tools make the processes!Process+People >> CultureIts all about putting the fun back into IT! It all about process!Tools+People >> ProcessPeople+Culture >> ProcessIt all about tools! Its not about tools. Its about change 9. People Developers Sysadmins QA Testers Network / Database /Storage administrators Product / Sales / Marketing Customers Its about WHO and HOW 10. Culture Collaboration Communication Sharing Trust Respect Fail management 11. Share Culture Tech talks / Standups / Hackatons ... Production info exposed to developers Share common metrics Job swaps / Mixed teams Explain your work Care about others work 12. Fail Culture Things may break. Accept it. Fail early, blame slowly. Learn from mistakes, and everything else Fail together Responsibility in the right place 13. Processes Continuous delivery Version control Test driven operations AutomationAgile methodologies 14. Tools Conguration Management Logs intelligence Monitoring Trending & DataVisualization Tests and ContinuousIntegration (Continuous) Deployment 15. Configuration ManagementPuppetChefCFEngineBcfg2Infrastructure as a Code: VersioningChange HistoryRapid ProvisioningSetup consistencyScalability and automation 16. Logs intelligenceLogstashGraylog2Splunk Logs management & analysis Aggregation and summarization Correlation of events Security and compliance 17. Monitoring Nagios / IcingaZabbixZenoss MonitRunitUpstart Monitoring sucksPatterns for new approaches to monitoring 18. Trending and data visualizationCactiMuninCollectdGangliaGraphite Visually express data and metrics Instant correlation of eventsCapacity planning 19. Continuous IntegrationJenkins / HudsonCruise ControlApache ContinuumCode quality improvementEarlier detection of bugs Quicker paths to productionCode workow automation 20. (Continuous)Application Deployment Control Tier Capistrano RunDeck Fabric Puppi ;-) Standardization reduces human error Good deployments have good checks Continuous or not, it has to be simple and quick Rollback is a requirement, not an option... ... still someone prefers to think about Rollforward. 21. What aboutSpaghetti? 22. The Google Index10 Nov 2011 Results on Results on developer: 770,000,000 programmatore: 7.260.000 sysadmin: 7,160,000 sistemista: 1.180.000 sysadm: 866,000 devops: 1.550 devops: 814,000 23. Is there an italian wayfor DevOps? probably not ... ... but let me throw in few personal hints: Consider a step by step approach Its not all white or black, explore the nuances of grey.Cope with cultural resistance,be perseverant.There is much to learn also from old dogsEarn respect with factsAdapt to contingency 24. DevOps .it Google DevOps Meetups) Facebook 25. Questions?