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Spyware Removal

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How to avoid spyware

Text of Spyware Removal

  • 1. How To Avoid Spyware So your looking for something on line ..

2. You see a site which appears to have what you want .. 3. Now your in trouble your pc has just got infected ... 4. Suddenly your computer is being scanned ... 5. Oh dear looks like a lot of nasty viruses and spyware now on your pc ... 6. The danger sign pops up .... 7. But wait if you click on Remove all it will clean it up right ? ... 8. Next thing you know your computer is being scanned ready to protect you !!!... 9. Wrong you get sent to a site that offers a secure purchase .. 10. Now you get a offer to buy your way out of trouble .. But look closer and see that credit card and email info is required ... STOP NOW 11. The first step is to stop it running .. Press ctrl+alt+delete all together this launches the task manager .. In applications click on the program and then click END TASK. 12. Next download this spyware program its FREE.. Restart computer Press the F8 button till you see a list where you can see option SAFE MODE. Log in as yourself or administrator install the spyware program and scan straight away. 13. This program will find the real spyware and at the end click REMOVE ALL and reboot into normal windows .. Your computer has now been correctly cleaned.