T Shirt Printing Methods Dye Sublimation Printing And Silk Screen Printing

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Text of T Shirt Printing Methods Dye Sublimation Printing And Silk Screen Printing

  • T Shirt Printing Methods-Dye Sublimation Printing And Silk Screen Printing

  • For t shirt printing,we can find many printing methods,such as dye sublimation all over printing,screen printing,heat transfer,etc.A business can use custom promotional T-shirts to get their logos and slogans in front of a lot of people. Sports teams can use them so that every team member has a matching shirt.

  • Individuals can get custom shirts made to express their own sense of style and to have a unique garment that nobody else has. There are a lot of people interested in custom garments for different reasons and there are a number of methods for T-shirt printing. This article is going to briefly discuss a few of the most common methods.

  • T Shirt Printing Methods-Silk Screen Printingsilkscreening is one of the t shirt printing methods.With this method a blank T-shirt is stretched across a rigid frame and a stencil of the desired design is positioned where you want the design to be. The screen goes on top of this and the ink is applied to the desired area with a squeegee. If a design has multiple colors the process would be repeated for each color to be applied.

  • T Shirt Printing Methods-Dye Sublimation PrintingDye sublimation printing can work with dye sublimation ink and paper ,which print image from a computer printer onto a special paper.he paper is positioned onto the garment and when heat and pressure are applied the ink evaporates from the paper and is transferred to the garment.

  • With this method you can actually transfer photos onto a piece of clothing. Another method that has become popular recently is direct to garment printing. With this method, your artwork or photo can be printed directly onto a garment using an inkjet printer, very much like printing a photo from your computer.