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Il nuovo programma Talents Up for and International House - TALENTS UP a sostegno della mobilità di ricercatori esperti / The new Fellowship Programme TALENTS UP for and International House supporting the incoming mobility of expert researchers - by Mia Tomad

Text of Talents up tomad mia_20_05_2013

  • 1. PROSPETTIVEEUROPEEESTRATEGIEREGIONALIPERLINTERNAZIONALIZZAZIONEELAVALORIZZAZIONEDELCAPITALEUMANOCONFERENZADILANCIOEUROPEANPERSPECTIVESANDREGIONALSTRATEGIES FORTHEINTERNATIONALISATIONANDTHEVALORISATIONOFHUMANCAPITALLAUNCHINGCONFERENCEIlnuovoprogrammaTalents UpforanInternationalHouseTALENTSUPasostegnodellamobilitdiricercatoriespertiThenewFellowshipProgrammeTALENTSUPforanInternationalHousesupportingtheincomingmobilityofexpertresearchersMiaTomadTraining,ProjectDraftingandProjectManagementDepartmentResearchCoordinationOfficeTrieste,20th May2013

2. TalentsUpforanInternationalHouseTALENTSUPFellowshipProgrammeNew editionof the first pilot project Talents for an International House TALENTSFUNDING:TALENTS Project: AREA Consortium ofTrieste FP7 (Marie Curie Actions COFUND)TALENTS UP Project: FP7 (Marie Curie Actions COFUND) Autonomous Region of FriuliVenezia Giulia AREA Science Park Consortium ofTrieste 3. TALENTSandTALENTSUPFellowshipProgrammes:objectives reinforcing employment skills of high qualified researchers boosting longlasting international cooperation between the regional scientificcentres and foreign high level institutions creating synergies between Regional Research Policies and European priorities avoiding the fragmentation of financial resources and initiatives and adopting asystemic approach for the benefit of the entire regional scientific system 4. ThefirstpilotCOFUNDProjectTalentsforanInternationalHouseTALENTSFP7PeopleProgramme,COFUNDAction200810 fellowships according to 2 mobility schemes: Incoming mobility fellowships, addressed to experienced researchers of anynationality intentioned to develop a project in one of the Scientific Institutions of theFVG Coordination Network or in one of the companies hosted at the regional scientificparks (18 months duration) Outgoing mobility fellowships, addressed to experienced researchers of anynationality, operating in one of the scientific institutions of the FVG CoordinationNetwork or in one of the companies hosted in the regional scientific parks, for a stay (12months) in another EU Member State, Associated or Third Country, with a return phaseto the origin institution (6 months).Bottomupapproach /opentoany scientific field 5. ThefirstpilotCOFUNDProjectTalentsforanInternationalHouseTALENTSBottomupapproach/opentoanyscientificfieldThecandidates,inthesubmissionphase,werefreetochooseatopicwithinoneofthefollowingscientificareas:1. BiotechnologiesandDiagnostics2. MaterialTechnologies,Mechanics,PhysicsandChemistry3. Ecology,EnvironmentandEnergy4. InformationTechnology5. Economic,HumanandSocialSciences 6. TALENTS:theawardedfellowshipsBiotechnology and Diagnostics Oncology Referral Centre (CRO) of AvianoMaterial technologies, Mechanics, Physics and Chemistry University of UdineEcology, Environment and Energy National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics(OGS) ofTriesteBiotechnology and Diagnostics : from the Institute for Maternal and Child Health IRCCS BurloGarofolo (Trieste) to the Instituto de Medicina Integral Prof. Fernando Figueira (IMIP) Recife, BrazilMaterial technologies, Mechanics, Physics and Chemistry: from the University of Trieste to the Universityof California Santa Barbara (UCSB), USA1st CallforProposals:(deadline1st October2010):3incoming,2outgoing2nd CallforProposals (deadline14th June2011):3outgoing,2incomingBiotechnology and Diagnostics: from the University of Udine to the University of BergenEcology, Environment and Energy: from the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) to theUniversity of SavoieMaterial technologies, Mechanics, Physics and Chemistry: from the ELETTRA Synchrotron LightLaboratory to the University of Nova GoricaBiotechnology and Diagnostics: from the University of Cairo to the CBM Cluster in BiomedicineMaterial technologies, Mechanics, Physics and Chemistry: from the University of Strasbourg to theUniversity of Udine 7. ThenewCOFUNDProject"TalentsUpforanInternationalHouseTALENTSUP"A call for proposals is published in order to assign 7 fellowships addressed toexperienced researchers, nationals of EU, Associated Countries or Third Countries,intentioned to implement a 12monthduration research and training project in oneof the Scientific Institutions of the Coordination Network of Friuli Venezia Giulia regionor in one of the companies hosted in the regional scientific BiotechnologiesandDiagnostics2. MaterialTechnologies,Mechanics,PhysicsandChemistry3. Ecology,EnvironmentandEnergy4. InformationTechnology5. Economic,HumanandSocialSciencesEachfellowshipwillhaveadurationof12months. 8. TALENTSUPFellowshipprogramme:7newincomingfellowshipsAREA will appoint a collaboration contract for research activity to the awardedresearchers, complying with the Italian Law n. 240/2010 Salary: 44.000 over the 12 months, in total, inclusive of any charges mobility allowance will be assigned, consisting of a monthly payment; 2 referenceamounts depending on the researchers family obligations ( 800/500) travel allowance as a reimbursement for travel expenses (up to 1.000 over the 12months) Specific budget line under the Contribution to research costs category, up to 3.800,00 over the 12 months, to freely use for additional training or for specificresearch toolsTALENTS UP Fellows will therefore be granted contribution to Italian Pension Nationalfunds, health and accident insurance 9. Minimumentryrequirements/Eligibilitycriteria at the time call deadline, researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work,studies, etc) in Italy for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the application date,taking into consideration the call deadline (prerequisite of international mobility) at the time of the call deadline, researchers must: (a) be in possession of a doctoral degree,independently of the time taken to acquire it; or (b) have at least 4 years of fulltime equivalentresearch experience ; (c) be nationals of Member States, Associated Countries andThird Countries candidates must provide 3 reference letters, even belonging to different scientific areas. Refereescannot coincide with the supervisors in the host organisations good written and spoken command in English and/or ItalianMoreover: originorganisationshavetobedifferentfromhostorganisations; thesameorganisationcanbepresentindifferentproposals,buttheseproposalshavetobesubmittedbydifferentcandidates; everyresearchercansubmitonlyoneresearchproposal.EligibilitycheckAREA formAProposalsEvaluationScientificSelectionCommitteeformB 10. EvaluationcriteriaandthresholdsoftheprojectproposalEVALUATION CRITERIA complying with Marie Curie guidelines: ProfileoftheResearcher ScientificandTechnologicalQuality ImplementationTraining ImpactEvaluation Criteria Thresholds * Weight(in%)Criterion 1: Qualifications of the Researcher 4 30Criterion 2: Scientific and technological quality 3 15Criterion 3: ImplementationN.A. 15Criterion 4:Training 3 20Criterion 5: Impact 3 20Eachcriterionwillbescoredoutof5*Anoverallthresholdof70%willbeappliedtoallproposals.Proposalsfailingtomeettheoverallthresholdoranyoftheindividualthresholdswillnotbeplacedontherankinglist. 11. Evaluationprocedure:prioritiesPrioritieswillbegivento: femalecandidatesreturningafteracareerbreakformaternityleave researchersreturningafteradocumenteddisease longerthan1yeartime researchersreturningafteraresearchstayinathirdcountry formorethan3years 12. TheScientificSelectionCommittee(SSC)Selection procedures complying with the European Charter forResearchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment ofResearchers principles, as well as with the main proceduresadopted by the European Commission in the evaluation of the FP7projectsIndependent evaluators registered inthedatabaseofFP7(availableonlineonCORDISwebsite)selected at aninternational level,expert indifferent sectors5panels will besetup,each ofthemcorresponding toone ofTALENTSscientific areas 13. Transparentandinternationalselectionprocedures3 main steps:1. Remote evaluation: each proposal will be evaluated by 3 experts, each of themcompleting an individual assessment report2. Consensus meeting (in Trieste): the experts will discuss the scores awarded toeach proposal and reach a common view3. Final decision (in Trieste): approval of the ranking list of all the applicationsreceived and evaluated and assignment of the fellowshipsForeveryeligibleproposal,thecandidatewillreceivetheEvaluationSummaryReportwiththeresultsoftheevaluationprocess.Thereportwillincludethemarksgivenforeachevaluationcriterionandadescriptionofthestrengthsandweaknessesoftheproposal. 14. SubmissionofresearchproposalsEachapplicationthusconsistsin: formA(administrativeinformation:sectionsA1,A2,A3,A4,A5,A6) formB(theproposalandtheEthicalIssuesTable) 3letterofreference thescientificandprofessional[email protected]area.trieste.itSubmissiondeadline:Monday,5thAugust2013at17.00,Italylocaltime.Theapplicationmustbesentonlyelectronicallyinpdf formattothefollowingemailaddress:[email protected]cepted.TALENTSUPCallforproposals andforms present,atthehostorganisations,notlaterthanJanuary2nd,2014 15. TALENTSUP:AccompanimentofresearchersandcarefortheirneedsinallthemobilitystepsCustomised information and assistance in the designing phaseby the APRE helpdesk ofTriesteCustomised prearrival and onsite counselling on mobilityissues (permit of stay, health insurance, daily life) to incomingresearchers by the Welcome Office helpdesk ofTrieste 16. FacilitiesWelcomeOfficehelpdesks in: Trieste,viadei Capitelli,960A Udine,viaPalladio,2Thewebsitewww.welcomeoffice.fvg.itwith2sections: morethan 47.000*websitevisits frommorethan 166countries customised advi