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Team Diablo Presents: Red Bull Do you have wiiings? Alex Ahlgrim, Cierra Gilchrist, Kelly Heaphy, Ta’Shara Roberts, Kira Wade

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Team Diablo Presents: Red BullDo you have wiiings?

Alex Ahlgrim, Cierra Gilchrist, Kelly Heaphy, Ta’Shara Roberts,

Kira Wade

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A Little Bit of History

• Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz– 260th richest person in the world– Net worth of $5.0 billion

• Bought the product in 1987 and released into market with a silent partner

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Some Fun Facts

• Most popular energy drink– $2.2 billion in 2010– Over 4 billion cans sold worldwide in 2010

• Available in a few varieties– Red Bull– Sugar-free Red Bull– Red Bull Cola– Energy shots

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• Slogan: “Red Bull gives you wings.”

• Very aggressive on an international scale

• Target market is young males

• Traditional and modern advertising

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Sponsorship and Events

• Tournament sponsorship – Red Bull Air Race– Flugtag

• Owner of many sports teams including: – Red Bull Racing– Scuderia Toro Rosso– Red Bull New York

• Celebrity Endorsements• Record Label

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Facebook Dominator

• Ranked #1 out of Top 10 Facebook pages

• Smart feature on their landing (welcome) page

• Paid close attention to Call To Action

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Red Bull’s Facebook Active Users

• Over 23 million fans

• 40,000 DAU (Daily Active Users

• 850,000 MAU (Monthly Active Users)

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Fans Interaction

• Know who their target audience is and exactly what they want

• Interact with fans through games, mobile apps and Red Bull TV

• Red Bull’s apps page on Facebook have approximately 500 monthly users

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Twitter Powerhouse

• 401,687 Followers– Monster has 117,864

• 8,211 Tweets

• Leading energy drink presence on Twitter

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Red Bull Stash

• Targeted toward college students

• The twitter page updated followers of where the Red Bull might be hiding

• The domain traffic for it was 51 with 361,871 visitors

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LinkedIn to Business

Positive• Professional Social

Media Presence

Competitive Match-up • Most followers for

company page• Most registered


• Post all current job positions

• Recent activity shows newly hired employees


• 2932 Employees

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LinkedIn to Business

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Get More LinkedIn

• Negative– Aren’t using as a way to advertise the brand

• Recommendations:– Use LinkedIn as an opportunity to advertise like

AT&T– Use as avenue to publicize upcoming events

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StumbleUpon New Ideas• 1,149 pages for Red Bull in all users favorites– Most Views:

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What Else to StumbleUpon

• Over 6.7 million unique visitors each month on StumbleUpon

• 280,000 clicks from Google during September

• Monitor the number of clicks for each Red Bull event or topic

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