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  • Dream Project
    Happiness is an inside job
    Amy Jang
  • Increase calmness and confidence by looking at future rather than worrying about immediate stress.
    Im dreaming
  • Background
    Research Study on Power of Wish:
    Dreaming gives a sense of Successful agency, optimism, trust, and faith
    Hope and motivation are closely related
    Harvard Written Goal Study:
    5% of the class wrote down their goals, and 95% of those achieved it in 20 years. Only 5% of the other majority reached their expectation
    Power of Wish by Laura Day.
    Embodiment of your wish gives you different sensation of the world
    Gives you sacred meaning to those daily acts
  • v1. Post-It Dreams
    4 day pilot
    11 Participants (7 active)
    Text trigger(x1) > write their dreams or wishes on post-its & place them on the wall or belongings.
    Validating their dreams and wishes by putting them into written form
    Posted dreams on the wall or belongings stay forever- triggers you to think
  • v1. Iterations within the pilot
    Text trigger: any dream > topics (family, job, happiness)
    Topics: far future(10 years) > near future
    Timing: afternoon > night
    +Text motivational quotations e.g. happiness is an inside job
  • v1. Results
    Avg. 64% participation rate each day (of active participants)
    Rated effectiveness of text trigger as 9 out of 10
    Avg. 2.1 minute to think about a dream/wish and write them down
  • v1. Results
    All of them reported it was easy enough or not too hard
    85% people did the task right after text trigger
    Placed it on wallet, desk, notebook, computer, room,
    Thoughtful, Happy, Contemplative, Short, Thought-provoking, Wistful, Hopeful
  • v2. the Dream Wall
    5 day pilot
    15 participants (9 active)
    Validating their wish by posting it on the wall (anonymously)
    Sense of being united through sharing dreams
    Give more motivation and encouragement to participate
  • v2. Iterations within the pilot
    Simplifying the process
    v2.1: Sign Up >(receive text)
    Think about and Write
    down on post its > Post the
    photo on the Dream Wall
    Email: Build the Dream Wall = 2 sign up
    Flyer + Email: What if a SINGLE WISH can change your life? = 5 sign up
    Flyer + Email: What if you DONT KNOW what you want to be? = 8 sign up
    Flyer around campus
  • v2. Iterations within the pilot
    + Texting back your dream is on the wall
    + Texting the most recent dream on the wall
    Text Trigger: Any vague dream > topics (mothers day, this summer, funny one) = 25% > 75%
    Dream Posts: handwritten post it notes > relevant pictures and dreams
  • v2. Results
    Avg. 71% participation rate each day (of active participants)
    Reported (averaged):
    Level of (-) feelings before project: 5.57/10
    Level of (+) feelings after you think of a dream: 7.57/10
    Level of (+) feelings after text back a dream: 7.86/10
  • v2. Results
    Inspiring, Innovative, Interesting, Calming through goal-setting, Introspective, Thought-Provoking, Dream-Like, Abstract, Thoughtful, Happy, Putting in Perspective
  • v2.Feedback
    Reasons for not texting back:
    I felt I didnt have to text back again/wanted to give more people opportunity to put their dreams
    Not sure what to respond for certain topics
    Busy at the moment of receiving the text
    Needing more time to think about
    Not as motivated as the Post-It Dreams
    In the middle of something
    What worked?
    Different Topics for dreams = 5/7
    Texting as a trigger = 5/7
    Texting back your dream is on the Wall = 4/7
    The Dream Wall = 3/7
    Texting at night = 2/7
    Any vague dream = 0/7
  • Suggestions for Improvements
    Email dreams and wishes
    Give more details about the project up front
    More dream questions (ended so early)
    Multiple texts of the same as a reminder
    Integrate back with Post-Its for oneself
  • Insights & Conclusions
    People are more likely to respond when addressed personally (i.e. with their names)
    Most people dont know or havent thought of their dreams or wishes > targeting that niche was effective.
    Simple slogan works!
    People like to see their contribution/dreams are shown
    People are more motivated to participate if they see other participants and how active the project is
    Branding the project is great for marketing.
  • Contact:
    Twitter: amyjangcom
    Amy Jang