Top 3 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Search Solution to FAST Search for SharePoint

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SurfRay is proud to present Mikael Svenson, Microsoft SharePoint search MVP, who will present the top 3 reasons you should upgrade your search solution to FAST Search for SharePoint. Mikael will outline some of the key features in FS4SP and give live examples of how they work.

Text of Top 3 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Search Solution to FAST Search for SharePoint

  • 1. Top 3 Reasons you Should upgradeyour search solution to FAST Searchfor SharePointMikael Svensonmikael.svenson@puzzlepart.com

2. Agenda Introduction Demo Q&A 3. About Me SharePoint MVP Broad search experience Author of Working with Microsoft FAST SearchServer 2010 for SharePoint MSPress I am a Search enthusiast Coder Consultant / Advisor 4. Demo Environment 2010 Information Worker Demonstration andEvaluation Virtual Machine (SP1) SharePoint 2010 Value Pillars Content Pack 5. REASON #1 6. Indexing pipeline Unstructured -> Structure Modify Normalize Enrich Clean 7. ExamplesBarack ObamaProject FrameworkBarack Hussein Obama II Proj.frameworkBarack Obama#p12-12Obama PROJ-12.12President Obama Pzl.CoreSenator Obama Project number 12 12iPhoneBig DogiPhone 3GSGerman ShepherdiPhone 4DobermaniPhone 4S Golden RetrieveriPhone 32GB PointerI3GS-BIrish Setter 8. REASON #2 9. Advanced Query Capabilities FAST Query Language (FQL) Not for end-users 10. REASON #3 11. Contextual Search Built-in SharePoint user context Build your own using scopes Give your users what they need 12. Q/A & Contact Details Mikael Svenson @mikaelsvenson The Authors Pro SharePoint 2010 Search Josh NobleRobert Piddocke @SurfRay @rpiddocke JoshNoble robertpiddocke