Twenty Questions for Business

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2. Stable and Secure! Scalable! Interoperable! Global ! How much of your revenue depends on the Internet?! AnInternetthatis 3. 3 Howdoes your companyuse theInternet? Toreachnew markets? Asasalesand deliverychannel? Forclient engagement? For communica=ons? Forenterprise opera=ng systems? 4. 4 + Do you know what allows the Internet to keep expanding? + Do you know what enables its interoperability? + Do you know what keeps it stable and secure?How crucial is the Internet to your companys plans for the future?! ! What is key: The Domain Name System! 5. 5 The Domain Name System! ICANN manages and administers the unique identiers that let us reach another person, website, or information ICANN does this using a multistakeholder model 6. 6 + Consensus-based, community-driven, bottom-up process + Every stakeholder has an interest in how the internet develops+ No single stakeholder is more important than any other What is a Multistakeholder model?! + Plus the model is an important driver of innovatione.g. Internationalized Domain Names, Domain Name System Security Extensions, new generic Top Level Domains, etc. 7. 7 Do you want to be in the vanguard of Internet expansion into new markets? Do you want to shape open standards development and new technology? Do you already devote resources to lobbying about Internet policy at the national level? Do you want to shape policy at the global level and know what is on the horizon? A few more questions: Why should you engage? ! Do you know if your competitors are already participating? Do you want to be part of a growing and active community? Do you have a Corporate Social Responsibility agenda? Do you see the Internet as a global shared resource worth supporting? Do you want to defend the multistakeholder model? 8. 8 As a follower ! Sign up for:! myICANN! Twitter! Facebook! LinkedIn! Audioboo! Slideshare! How can you participate?! As a policymaker Join a stakeholder group:! Commercial Business Users! Intellectual Property! Internet Service Providers! Other groups in formation! As an advocate ! Look into:! ICC Business Action to Support the Information Society (BASIS)! Becoming an Internet Society (ISOC) business member! 9. 9 Information Sources for Business! + myICANN The Business Constituency The IP Constituency The ISPConstituency ICC Basis ICANN for Business 10. Thank You ! ! ! !