Twitter, Social Media, SEO, PCC: Who Has Time for all this Geek Stuff?

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Just think if you could do market research, organize focus groups and build your customer base all without spending a dime? Thanks to social media and great internet tools, you can. Small businesses are acquiring loyal customers, gaining valuable insight and boosting their business by harnessing these tools. Learn the top tricks and tools in a changing internet environment to boost sales and your brand without needing an army.

Text of Twitter, Social Media, SEO, PCC: Who Has Time for all this Geek Stuff?

Improve Your Website ASR

The Internets: A Series of Tubes!

Navigating the Tube

Mike DuncanSage Island CEO

Know your Customer

Know their Langauge

Keyword ResearchKeyword Selection is Key

Careful keyword selection is the heart of the SEO campaign.

Research Keywords

Create a robust keyword portfolio of relevant keyword phrases that are searched on by potential customers. Youll begin with your input on what your most important keywords are, then expand that list by cross-checking the list against the search engines databases of actual keyword searches. This will help target the right words - the ones that will actually deliver customers to your website.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Open for Business-Driving Traffic-

SEOHave a Strategy for your site and

optimize your content

Use keyword research to determine how customers search

Inject keywords into body copy, titles, and images

Be sure that your site is user friendly and search engine friendly. Your marketing efforts wont help you if your website makes it difficult for users to find the information they want.

Ranking factors:

On Page OptimizationOptimize Website Meta

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Sitemap Submission

Google WebMaster Tools -

Bing (MSN) WebMaster Tools -

Yahoo! Site Explorer -

Create Sitemaps

Create a Robots.txt file and place in the root

User-agent: *

Disallow: /my-dirty-photos


How does your site rank for SEO?

Driving Relevant Traffic


Quality links is what you are after.

What is a Quality link?

Good Page Rank and relevant

Link Building

Driving Relevant Traffic

Paid Search

Invest in a Paid Search

(pay-per-click) Campaign

Paid search is a fast, cost effective, extremely targeted way to increase visibility on the search engines.

Even a small budget can be very effective if you use extremely targeted keywords to avoid spending money on unqualified clicks.

Write compelling ads targeted to your demographic to get attention.

Driving Relevant Traffic

Shopping Networks

Driving Relevant Traffic

Social Networks

There are now at least 1.6 billion of us connected via computer and 3 billion mobile devices that touch the Internet. The rise of "social" technologies - such as wikis, blogs, Twitter, SMS and social networks - means that the barriers to participation across the planet (in terms of the cost, access and skills required) are rapidly approaching zero

Joshua-Michele Ross on OReilly Insights March 2009

What is Social Media MarketingMany marketers think that doing a sponsorship on MySpace or posting a one-off campaign channel on YouTube is social media marketing

Not true.

Social Media is About Socializing!

It is about:Weaving your content and messages into the social webJoining the customer conversationMaking friendsCommunicating with those friendsListening to those friendsMeasuring impact


Blog Dos Pay attention to headlines. Many people scan blog posts in a feed

reader like Google Reader. If the headline isnt interesting, they wont click through.

Link to other blogs in your industry to get their attention and encourage them to link back to you.

Keep blog posts under 500 words and break up large chunks of text with photos, headlines, and bullets for easier reading.

Focus on quality content, but keep SEO in mind by favoring high traffic keywords over lower traffic phrases.

Solicit feedback from your readers. Ask questions, include polls, and encourage community building through comments and participation.

Blog Donts Never copy and paste content from other websites to fill your

blog posts. This creates duplicate content problems and violates copyright law.

Avoid keyword stuffing. Your primary concern is quality content that interests readers. SEO should always be secondary. Use keywords only when appropriate and only if it doesnt compromise good writing.

Dont expect feedback on every post. For every commenter there are nine lurkers who read without participating. Keep soliciting feedback and trying new ways to engage those readers, but dont give up.

Wordpress Plugins

Social Tagging

Viral Marketing & Social Tagging

Add social bookmarking buttons for sites like Digg,, and Stumble to blog posts and other content on your site to encourage users to vote for it.


YouTube Optimization

Use keyword tags to tell readers and search engines what your video is about.

Create a compelling headline to encourage viewers to watch your video.

Keep videos as short and engaging as possible with the most important messaging in the beginning. If viewers get bored, they wont watch the whole thing.

Pay attention to your thumbnail image to entice viewers to click and watch. YouTube automatically selects a thumbnail by selecting an image from about halfway through your video.

Facebook / MySpace

Reaching your fans on FB

Keep a constant stream of fresh content on your wall by uploading photos, videos, and links to your Facebook page.

Create a community by building a group where members can upload their own photos and videos and discuss your brand.

Link your Facebook page to an RSS feed for your blog.

Customer Service

Track Everything!

Search Engine Optimization Kristopher Jones

Get to the top on Google David Viney

Landing Page Optimization Tim Ash

Building Findable Websites Aarron Walter