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vBrownBag @ VMworld - Apache CloudStack (ACS) & vSphere

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This is a short introduction to the Apache Software Foundation and Apache CloudStack running on VMware vSphere. It will be presented at the vBrownBag sessions of VMworld 2013.

Text of vBrownBag @ VMworld - Apache CloudStack (ACS) & vSphere

  • 1. August, 2013 Apache CloudStack (ACS) 4.2 & VMware vSphere
  • 2. Good
  • 3. Bad
  • 4. Source:
  • 5. Pod 1 Cluster 1 Host 2 ACS Architecture Host 1 . L3 switch Secondary Storage Pod N Zone 1 FirewallLoad Balancer Primary Storage L2 switch . Cluster N New in ACS 4.2 Regions Regions hold multiple zones Geographic Scalability & Resilience Management Server per Region Object Storage Region Wide
  • 6. ACS Management Server Back Up DB Management Server MySQL DB Replication Load Balancer Infrastructure Resources Management Server
  • 7. ACS Hypervisor Interaction ACS Management Server XenServer XAPI XenServer 5.6 and higher Incremental Snapshots VHD NFS, iSCSI, FC and Local disk Storage over- provisioning: NFS vSphere vCenter HTTP vSphere 4.1 and 5.X Full Snapshots VMDK NFS, iSCSI, FC and Local disk Storage over- provisioning: NFS, iSCSI KVM Agent RHEL 6.0, 6.1 and Ubuntu 10.04 Full Snapshots (not live) QCOW2 NFS, iSCSI and FC Storage over- provisioning: NFS OVM Agent OVM 2.2 No Snapshots RAW NFS and iSCSi No storage over- provisioning
  • 8. ACS / VMware Integration Dynamic scaling of CPU & RAM Hot plug additional NICs to VM CPU/RAM overcommit HA & DRS vSphere VM snapshots & thin provisioning Improved ACS volume snapshots Storage live migration Zone-wide block storage Not Supported: Storage DRS planned for 4.3 Nicira NVP support (Layer 2 & 3 today) DVS support Cisco 1000v and ASA 1000v Compute Storage Networking ACS Management Server vCenter