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  • Honouring Healing Traditions A YTL SPA RETREATS
  • is the first of the award-winning Spa Village brand andthe flagship spa of YTL Hotels. this four-acre haven is a unique retreat that extols thehealing cultures of the region.
  • nurtures traditional local remedies anchored inSucimurni ,an ancient Malay way of life, that emphasizes purity of spirit health and well-being. unique restorative Malay treatments have been handeddown from generation to generation, ensuring theirauthenticity and therapeutic value.
  • draws inspiration from the restorative properties of teawith ancient healing therapies that harness the secrets ofingredients found in the surrounding jungle. a variety of heat treatments contrast with the cool highlandclimate offering unique spa experiences based on knowledgedrawn from the Orang Aslis deep understanding of thehealing properties of plants and herbs.
  • the world's only spa to base its therapies on the healingheritage of the Peranakans, a unique combination of Chineseand Malay influences. every spa experience is molded around a persons cool orwarm energies and derived from various combinations ofage-old traditional remedies
  • is an oasis of regeneration and calm amidst the hectic energyof Kuala Lumpur city life. paying tribute to the cultural diversity and rich healingheritage of the area, this most stylish of spas blends ancientpractices with modern, providing a spectrum of uniquetreatments

is YTL Hotels first luxury spa resort. in this 31-room spa resort, the gentle spirituality of Bali andits rich culture infuses every encounter, and the secret powerof the elements is unveiled by healing lore as old as the landitself. a unique spa nestled in a mangrove setting within Gaya IslandResort, Borneo. treatments combine the therapeutic properties of naturalaromatic remedies. OurSabah Scent Explorationinvite gueststo select and blend their unique scent for treatments with ourin-houseparfumeur . A personal blended aroma vial will bepresented as a souvenir to guests to continue their spa journeyat home. GAYA ISLAND Thank You