Carosello 3000 Livigno - Summer 2013
Carosello 3000 Livigno - Summer 2013

Carosello 3000 Livigno - Summer 2013

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Food and relax, hiking, mountain bike, excursions and all you need to know about Livigno at the Top.

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  • 1. M. delle Mine2882Corno di Capra3133Forcola di Livigno2315Monte Vago3059Pizzo Orsera3032Corno di Campo3232P. Val Nera3160Pizzo Filone3133M. Foscagno2927Cima Piazzi3439BormioGhiacciaioMine 2770Pizzo Paradisino3302M. della Neve2785Monte Sponda2750La Stretta2476Lago del Monte2604Lago di Federia2850Vetta Blesaccia2778P.ta Cassana3007Monte Cavalli2990Pizzo Saliente3048Plan da DEira2210TREPALLELIVIGNOAlpe MineM. delle Rezze2858Lago Salient2860SarochVal FederiaVal NeraVal delle MineMiddle stationCarosello 3000StartCarosello 3000Middle stationLivigno CentroMountain hutCostacciaMountain hut Carosello 3000StartLivigno CentroM. Pettini2932Customize your own +39.0342.996.152N157N173N158N162N162N161N192N159N164N190Lake of LivignoRestaurantTagliedeM. Cantone2904M. Campaccio3004Rifugio CassanaLago Salin2694N162N163Alpe FederiaP3Calcheiracomwww.Mountain hut Carosello 3000Mountain hut Costaccia3500325030002750250022502000LengthDurationDicultyMax AltitudeMin AltitudeDierence in heightStartArrive4,29 Km1 hour 15 min.Touristic level2778 m.s.l.2345 m.s.l.424 mMountain HutCarosello 3000Mountain HutCostacciaThe rst part of this route takes you to the peak Mont dali Resa at 2858 m.s.l. From here one can enjoy a breathta-king view of Livigno and the surrounding mountains.The Val Nera Glacier and the peaks of the Paradisin, Ortles,Cevedale and Bernina ranges can also be seen from thispoint. Near to the top one can also admire a statue of theVirgin Mary who seems to protect the village. Nearby onecan nd the Involt de li Resa a bivouac shelter entirelybuilt in stone. The route is perfectly marked out and it issuitable for well-equipped trekkers.Whilst walking it is possible to see numerous chamoises,ibexes and sometimes even eagles and lammergeyers.LengthDurationDicultyMax AltitudeMin AltitudeDierence in heightStartArrive7,86 Km2 hours 45 min.Excursionist level2804 m.s.l.2153 m.s.l.651 mMountain HutCarosello 3000Carosello 3000middle stationMountain hut Carosello 3000 - Linvolt da li ResaBaitel del Cantone - Carosello 3000 middle station3500325030002750250022502000LengthDurationDicultyMax AltitudeMin AltitudeDierence in heightStartArrive4,72 Km1 hour 24 min.Touristic level2218 m.s.l.1984 m.s.l.234 mCarosello 3000middle stationLivigno Centromiddle station35003250300027502500225020001750Mountain hut Carosello 3000Val Federia - CalcheiraThis long and pleasant descent through the Val Federia canbe enjoyed both on foot and by mountain bike. From themountain hut Carosello 3000, one need to follow the easydirt road leading to the Laghet (Lac Salin) and then pro-ceed towards the valley on a well-marked path which cros-ses the typical Alpine elds, rich in owers and plants tothe the Cheseira da Fedaria. From here, one shall follow theroad which crosses theVal Federia. Near the Fontanonweadvise to take a path which leads to the Bocheta da Cascia-na and then through a mountain pine wood to the typicalhuts of the Val Federia. From here one will then be able toenjoy the beauty of Alpine elds and forests which conti-nues up to the arrival point: Ponte Calcheira, just a stepsaway from the bus stop (Parking P3).LengthDurationDicultyMax AltitudeMin AltitudeDierence in heightStartArrive10,44 Km3 hours 15 min.Excursionist level2733 m.s.l.1860 m.s.l.873 mMountain HutCarosello 3000Parking P3350032503000275025002250200017501500Mountain hut Carosello 3000Start station Carosello 3000This is an simple and entirely downhill path suitable forboth bikers and hikers.Starting from the mountain hut Carosello 3000 one can ea-sily descend on a dirt road crossing the Alpine pastures upto a deviation leading to the Plan da la Montanela.From here the path descends through elds and gladesdown to a wood of larches and another dirt road which le-ads to the start station Carosello 3000.LengthDurationDicultyMax AltitudeMin AltitudeDierence in heightStartArrive8,72 Km2 hours 45 min.Excursionist level2765 m.s.l.1864 m.s.l.901 mMountain HutCarosello 3000Carosello 3000 Start350032503000275025002250200017501500Mountain hut CostacciaCarosello 3000 Middle stationThis path is suitable for both trekkers and bikers. The routeis comfortable and slightly descendant and oers breathta-king views on the valley of Livigno. After tackling a shortinitial climb one reaches the Plan da la Montanela where itis possible to watch marmots. Shortly after one arrives to theCarosello 3000 dirt road which can be followed down to theCarosello 3000 middle station.LengthDurationDicultyMax AltitudeMin AltitudeDierence in heightStartArrive3,25 Km1 hourTouristic level2384 m.s.l2214 m.s.l170 mMountain HutCostacciaCarosello 3000middle station3500325030002750250022502000Mountain hut Costaccia - Plan da la GolpLivigno Centro middle stationLengthDurationDicultyMax AltitudeMin AltitudeDierence in heightStartArrive2,13 Km1 hourExcursionist level2384 m.s.l.2003 m.s.l.342 mMountain HutCostacciaLivigno Centromiddle station35003250300027502500225020001750This path is great for a simple excursion. Since the routeis entirely downhill, a good pair of trekking shoes is highlyrecommended. From the mountain hut Costaccia, oneneeds to follow the easy and well-marked path to the Croscda Valandrea, from where you can enjoy a wonderful viewof Livigno. Once here, you simply need to follow the routetowards the village, crossing a beautiful stone pine woodto the glade Plan da la Golp and then onwards through acenturies-old larches wood to the middle station of lift Li-vigno Centro Costaccia.Signs:Carosello 3000 middle stationLivigno Centro middle stationThis is a very easy path, suitable for everyone.The rst part of this route follows a dirt road descendingtowards the valley which then continues plainly alongthe Troi da li Tea where one can admire the typical Alpinelandscape with the traditional mountain huts scatteredthroughout the mowed elds.The arrival point is set at the liftLivigno Centro Costacciamiddle station.HikingTrailsMTB TrailsCablewaysInfoTicket OceIce cream shopBiancaneve e i sette naniRestaurantSupermarketSarochTravel AgencyCarosello 3000View pointDuty FreeMTB KidsCenterPlay AreaSun deckMountain ZooThis is a short and easy walk, suitable for everyone: hikersand bikers. The route is well marked out and follows thenatural ridge which separates the Federia Valley from theLivigno Valley. From the highest point at 2778 m.s.l.- onecan enjoy a unique view of the surrounding mountains (i.e.Ortles Cevedale, Cima Piazzi). Noteworthy is the BerninaRange with its Piz Bernina, the only four thousand-metrepeak in the Central Alps.

2. - Tel. +39 0342 996 152Reach by cableway the Mountain Huts Carosello 3000 andCostaccia and spend a pleasant day at altitude. You willhave the opportunity to taste the best traditional dishesand to enjoy a relaxing moment on the mountain tops,taking in the beautiful views over the relax summer 2013cableway ratesround trip tickets price in normaltype promotionaladultsreduced1family2+1 family member11,008,0022,003,0010,007,0021,003,00one way price in normaltypeone wayreduced17,005,00multiple tickets3price in normaltype4 ways7 ways25,0035,00round trip +MenuCaroselloprice in Single plate with: polenta,spare ribs, sausage, cheeseand mushrooms drinks tobe purchased separately.22,00Cableways time8.30 am - 5.30 pmNotes:freedeckchairs Menu CaroselloCarosello 3000 & Costaccia mountain hutsSingle plate with: polenta, spare ribs, sausage, cheese andmushrooms drinks to be purchased separately.Round Trip Ticket + Carosello Dish 21,00Save money:by purchasing yourCableway RoundTrip Ticket + Menu Caroselloat the ticket counters.Tickets are validon both cablewaysCarosello 3000 andLivigno Centro.For children up to(and included) 5 yearsof age, the cablewayis free of charge!The transportation ofyour MTB is includedin the price!1Only children from6 to 12 years old andseniors over 65 years ofage can benet from thediscounted rates.2A family should be com-posed of two parents andone child (6-12 years old).Any other child will pay asupplement of 3,00.3The Multiple Tickets arepersonal and not transfe-rable. They are valid for allthe Summer 2013.Tel. +39 328 7095950 info@guidealpine.infowww.guidealpine.infoVia Plan, 5 - 23030 Livigno (SO) - Italy - Tel. +39 0342 990 - info@viaplancinque.comfashion store in LivignoSAROCHDrugstore Plaza del Comun 147La Camana via Plan 13Barbara via Pienz 73La Viola via Plan 83La Rosa via Rin 356Info : +39 0342 970 258 Mail : info@gruppocusini.comAlimentari ed ExtradoganaliFood and Duty FreeVia Pedrana 440/B - Livigno -Tel +39 0342 990 860Orari 07:30 - 13:0015:00 - 20:00Opening time 7:30 am to 1 pm3 pm to 8 pmGioved e venerd pesce fresco - Fresh Fish on Thursday and FridayInformation and reservationsCarosello 3000 Agenzia Viaggi e TurismoBaitaLuleta,Relax Naturein theLivignoTel. +39 0342 970 -> in summer> in winterofFollow us onFacebookWWW.CAROSELLO3000.COMSKI AREAFOOD & RELAXMOUNTAIN BIKINGEXCURSIONSCHILDRENTRAILSHIKING at the TopLivignoReach the topand win the winterPurchase a ticket for the cableways Carosello 3000 inS.Rocco or Livigno Centro and participate in the draw of aweekend for two persons in Livigno during the upcomingwinter season. Fill up the form at the ticket oce!More info at throughout the summer season)Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridaydeparture at 11 am from the MountainHut Carosello 3000. You can ask information atthe Mountain Hut Carosello 3000 or call directlyour MTB instructor:+39 347 720 66 30Follow our mtb instructor. Departureat 4 pm from the Mountain HutCarosello the villagefree mtb downhillevery daytourfree bikewith mtb instructorSave money: bikemountainFor a nice mountain experience on your MTB, but also toenjoy some freeriding on entirely natural tracks, take thecableway up