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  1. 1. Cycling Tourism PRT 595 Laura Rice
  2. 2. A Growing Market 2nd most popular outdoor activity in the U.S. 19% of outdoor activity Economic benefit of $133 billion in US alone Growth in domestic and international cycling tourism markets
  3. 3. Cycling Tourist Demographics 60% male, 40% female Average age 45-55 20% travelled solo, 50% in pairs, rest in groups of 3-5 Majority have secondary degrees Motivated by health, nature, relaxation and sightseeing Value safe and continuous routes, clear signage, attractions along route
  4. 4. Economic Impacts $44 million euro economic impact 2,300 cycling day trips 20 million cycling holidays Trips between 5-8 days long Use of hotels and inns/guesthouses/B&B/farm stays for lodging Peak May-October
  5. 5. Additional Benefits Sustainable activity Environmentally friendly Low cost of infrastructure development
  6. 6. Challenges Lack of investment by tourism organizations and local governments Transportation and tourism suppliers overlook the cycling market Lack of cohesive data
  7. 7. Northern Outer Banks Cycling 55+ miles of developed on-road and off-road facilities $60 million economic impact per year 1,400 jobs created/supported Extended stays by 4 days Increased spending by cyclists
  8. 8. Danube Cycling Route Runs from Germany to the Black Sea Part of the EuroVelo system Initiated additional bike route development, sports and recreation development Bringing attention to potential for increased cycling and nature-based tourism
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