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  • By: Llus Boixader, Raimon Canal, Dani Duran,Sergi Plana

Geography Geography Population: 320,000 Area: 103,000 km Geography Icelands Flag Thingvallavatn lake: 82 km Thjrs river: 237 km Hvannadalshnkur mountain: 2110 m Reykjavk Kpavogur Hafnarfjrur Reykjanesbr Akureyri Language Flora and FaunaBetulapubescens Flora and FaunaIcelandic horse Icelandic sheep Flora and FaunaIcelandic cattle Arctic Fox HistoryJn Sigursson, leader of theIcelandic independence movement. Geolical Activity Hekla volcanoHerubrei volcano Geolical ActivityStrokkur Geysir CultureThe Sagas of Icelanders Culture Iceland Airwaves Culture orramatur Culture Glma Famous People Bjrk Famous People Eidur Gudjohnsen Famous People Magns Ver Magnsson Thank you for listening