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  • 1. The Best Practices inTravel BloggingbyOliver GradwellKeith JenkinsMelvin BoecherWednesday, 24 April 13

2. Please share!#TBUWTM#WTMLATWednesday, 24 April 13 3. Wednesday, 24 April 13 4. Wednesday, 24 April 13 5. Who are we?Wednesday, 24 April 13 6. How To Find and Work WithTravel BloggersbyOliver GradwellWednesday, 24 April 13 7. travel writers photographers videographers admin, marketing, sales,webWhat Is A Travel Blogger?Wednesday, 24 April 13 8. social media experts personal nature sense of trust triple benefitSocial & PersonalWednesday, 24 April 13 9. before real time afterTriple BenefitWednesday, 24 April 13 10. conferences - TBU, TBEX & Traverse databases & lists associations - PTBA networks - RBBV and iambassador social events - TBU Social & TravelMassiveWhere to find them?Wednesday, 24 April 13 11. objectives - understand and plan dont invite and then plan be transparent new best friend plan to plan nothing wifiPlanning a Blog TripWednesday, 24 April 13 12. As with all entrepreneurs, travel bloggersdevelop creative solutions to marketchallenges. Many innovative projects havecome to light thanks to their outside-the-boxapproaches to the market. Janice WaughBeyond The Blog TripWednesday, 24 April 13 13. multimedia project 6 tv episodes 4 continents, 4 months LiveShareTravel + Traveldudes 12 million peopleWednesday, 24 April 13 14. #LoveCapeTownbyKeith JenkinsWednesday, 24 April 13 15. The new Cape Town campaign communicates everyfacet of what the city has to offer, from tourism anddesign, business and studies, to the rich diversity ofpeople and nature.- Maritte du Toit-Hembold, CEO Cape Town TourismWednesday, 24 April 13 16. mobilize Capetonians uncover hidden facets of the city expand online presence multimedia approach global exposure#LoveCapeTown iambassador objectivesWednesday, 24 April 13 17. announcements media events interviews live coverage daily summaries#LoveCapeTown media coverageWednesday, 24 April 13 18. 37m tweet impressions1.2m people reachedmultiple platformshigh engagementhundreds of tipshundreds of imagesforeign press coverageblog posts & linksspin-off campaigns#LoveCapeTown impactOur most successful social mediacampaign to date.- Cape Town TourismWednesday, 24 April 13 19. How to Measure ROI OnlinebyMelvin Bcher and Keith Jenkinsonlineroicalculator.comWednesday, 24 April 13 20. Land of Bloggersambassadors of travelWednesday, 24 April 13 21. Blog Ville 2012 2 apartments Bologna (city center) April 23 May 31 Rimini (seaside) May 31 - July 14 8 Million Twitter Accounts Reached 75 Million Twitter ImpressionsOver 280 published postsOver 3000 shared photos & videosambassadors of travelWednesday, 24 April 13 22. ROI - Situation in the Pastonlineroicalculator.comWednesday, 24 April 13 23. ROI ComparisonWebsite140.000 page views per month80.000 unique visitors1 full time staffNiche Website100.000 unique visitors1 post with 15.000 actual views(in a duration of 6-12 months)25 tweets to 100.000 followers per tweet(2.5 million tweet impressions) 16.000 ROI value(calculated with a cpm of 25)(excluded Facebook promotion)Newspaper30.000 newspapers per day900.000 newspapers per month30.000 unique visitors per month!50 people staffNiche Magazine100.000 magazines printed1 post seen by ??? readers$ 60.000 ad prize per pageonlineroicalculator.comWednesday, 24 April 13 24. ROI of Online ArticlesImproved online calculation through exact reader statistics!article size = ad value for the exact numbers of readers = ROIVariables like niche, audience, traffic, etc. creates a different adprice and with that a different ROI (just like in print media).onlineroicalculator.comWednesday, 24 April 13 25. The calculation of a tweets value:Top influencers = tweet value = 100%Users influence = tweet value = ?Top influencers Tweet value = Amount XUsers influence = 60% of top influencer = 60% of amount XEach user provides a different quality and exposure. So every user also hasa different tweet value.Online influence scores can get inflated artificially, thats why we use theresults of the 3 top influence scoring sites. Via a comparison and calculationof the users influence of all 3 sites, we are able to provide a more balancedinfluence score.The users influence score is compared to the score of Twitters topinfluencers.The value of a users tweet is calculated through the comparison with theprice of an actual sponsored tweet of a top influencer.ROI of Tweetsonlineroicalculator.comWednesday, 24 April 13 26. Example ROI of an Online ArticleTotal: 14 postsFollowers: 5.336User: 40.000 per monthViews: 50.000 per monthReaders per post: 300 views per monthBanner (160x600) price: 15,- cpmTotal ROI / Value: 12.260,-Total value of all post: 7.678,-Duration of the campaign: 7 daysNumber of tweets per day: 5Number of tweets per post: 10Value of a single Tweet: 8,48Total value of tweets per post: 84,83Total value of tweets per trip: 296,90Value of one link: 300,-Number of links per post: 1Total SEO value: 4 200,-Excluding ROI / value for:Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo...onlineroicalculator.comWednesday, 24 April 13 27. Discover your online value!www.onlineroicalculator.comonlineroicalculator.comWednesday, 24 April 13 28. Dates: 24th AprilTime: 2100 - lateWhere: Hotel Novotel MorumbiTravel Bloggers - FULLTravel Industry?..... come and speak to meTBU Social networking eventWednesday, 24 April 13 29. Like a copy?Wednesday, 24 April 13 30. Questions?Wednesday, 24 April 13 31., 24 April 13