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  1. 1. Travel Logue
  3. 3. Place: Varanasi-Nepal List Of Yathris: Shri S.P.N.B.L.Vara Prasad. Smt Achyutamba. Shri M.Dasaradhi. Smt Shyamalamma. Shri M SeshagiriRao Smt Vaidehi. Shre K Vidyasagar . Smt Seethamahalaxmi. Smt Parvathamma. Shri K.Linga Murthy. Smt K.Vidhyawathi. Smt MK Durga.
  4. 4. Shri C SeshisekharRao. (Since expired) Smt C Gowri Smt Seethamma Shri B Prakasam Shri K VeerabhadraRao Smt Rajeswari Shri PK SubbaRao Smt Chandravdana Shri K Subramanya Prasad.
  5. 5. Railway Tickets Reservation: Reservations were made by:Mr. K.Linga Murthy and Mr.S P N B L Varaprasad for onward journey on 02-11-2010 by Secundarabad-Patna Express. For return journey on 14-11-2010 by Patna- Secundarabad Express.
  6. 6. Day Of Journey: (02-11-2010 ) (04-11-2010) All the yathris reached the Secunderabad station from their respective places by 19:00. The train left on time and reached Varanasi at 08:00 on 04-11-2010. The group engaged adequate number of auto rickshaws and comfortably reached Hotel Buddha-The same hotel where we stayed in 2008-and occuppied the same hall where we stayed earlier. Shri.K.S.Prasad reached Varanasi from Mumbai on 05-11-2010.
  7. 7. Secunderabad station
  8. 8. Third Day(04-11-2010) On 04-11-2010 all the yathris visited Vishvanadh Mandir. They also visited Annapurnadevi mandir and witnessed the Swarnavigraha puja this Pooja is done only on three days in the year on two days before Diwali and one day following that. They also attended Ganga Harathi in the evening .
  9. 9. Annapurna Devi & Ganga Harathi
  10. 10. Fifth Day(05-11-2010) On 05-11-2010 around 09:00am all the yathris except shri KS Prasad went on varanasi parikrama engaging two sumos and returned back in the evening at 18:00 hours. Shri KS Prasad at 11 am called on the office of Paul travels and finalised for a Volvo 33 seater for undertaking Nepal yathra ( Varanasi to Varanasi) Shri Uday Raj accompanied us as tour manager and Shri Puppu Yadav was the driver and Shri Vinod the cleaner. In the night we all had collective dinner at which Shri KS Prasad had briefed the yathris about the ternary and the terms on which the transport arrangements were made with Paul travels and also suggested to them the need for carrying as minimum luggage as also the need for restraining in making particularly non Nepali nature . Packed up the luggage and sorted out luggage to be left back at the hotel and retired for the day at 23:00 hours
  11. 11. Sixth Day(06-11-2010) We all got up at 5Am and after having tea deposited the luggage in the cloak room and got in to the bus and left for Allhabad sharp at 6:30Am . On the way we had very good breakfast reached Allhabad at 11:30 Am. Except Shri KS Prasad all the yatris have gone to Thriveni sangam. The paid Rs 200/- per head to the boat walahs after much bargaining. They returned back from Ganga Snaan at 13:30 hours . We all visited the following : A. Hanuman Mandir B. Mathaji Mandir C. Old temples of Allahabad situated at Anand Bhavan Had lunch at 15:00 hours in a hotel opposite to Anand Bhavan and tea around 17:00 Proceeded non-stop to Naimisharanyam at 17:00 reached Naimisharanyam at 1:30 am (07-11-2010) Settled down in a decent chowltry attached to Hanuman Gaddi. The rooms and the specious balconies have impressed us retired for the day
  12. 12. Temples at Allahabad
  13. 13. Seventh Day(07-11-2010) We all got up at 6:00Am . The chai walla attached to the chowltry served us very nice hot tea. We all went in small groups to Sarayu river for bath the Snan Ghats are very neat and clean and the entire area approaching the Ghats was paved with cement tiles. We engaged 6 rickshaws and visited the following: A. Vedavyas Mandir B. Yagnasala C. Hanuman Mandir (also known as Ahiravan Mandir) D. Pandava caves E. Chakra Thirth F. Gnapathi mandir and G. Balaji mandir (Run by TTD Devasthan)
  14. 14. Temples at Naimishranya
  15. 15. Had our lunch at 14:00 and left for Ayodhya at 15:00 hours we reached Ayodhya By-passing Lucknow at 22:00. We all settled down in the chowltry attached to birla mandir . The rooms and the surroundings are indeed excelent .retired for the day.
  16. 16. Eighth and Ninth Day (08-11 and 09-11-2010) Got up at 5:30am some of us have gone to saryu river for bath and they returned to the rooms at 7:30am. We all visited hurriedly the following: A. Birla mandir B. Hanuman mandir C. Ramacharith manas mandir D. Silanyas sthal E. Ram darbar and returned back by 12:00noon Had lunch and proceeded to Gorakhpur at 14:30 hours We reached outskirts of Gorakhpur around 18:00 but stranded for 6:00hours in a traffic jam caused by Kali nimajjan . Reached Gorakhpur station area around 24 hours had some heavy snacks at that hour. Some of us withdrew money from ATMs opposite to the Railway station.
  17. 17. Birla mandir & Hanuman Mandir at Ayodhya
  18. 18. Ram charith Manas, Sila sthal & Ram Darbar
  19. 19. Gorakhpur railway station
  20. 20. We tried for accommodation in the Gorakhnath mandir complex but there was no vacancy. It was decided to proceed to Sanauli- the Indo Nepal border. We reached at 2:30am (09-11-2010) and settled down in a private Guest house close to the border-however five of us settled in UP Guest house.
  21. 21. Sunauli Guest house
  22. 22. Tenth Day(10-11-2010) We all got up at 6:00am had our bath packed up the luggage's- vacated the Guest houses and crossed the border at 7:30am. Every one of us have exchanged Indian rupees for Nepali currency (shri KS Prasad exchanged about Rs 15000/- inr) We all had breakfast of puries with subji and Dahi . Left for Kathmandu at 10:00am We stopped at RTO check post which is about 40km away from Sunauli. Shri Uday Raj our tour manager got Endorsement on hour program with in Nepal which took around 45mts.In mean time we all enjoyed delicious tea and buns in the way side hotel. we were very much impressed by the clean and neat environment in contrast to the scenario on Indian side. Reached Kathmandu at 2:30 am (11-11-2010) and settled down in hotel Maharaja very close to pasupathinath Mandir .
  23. 23. India-Nepal Border crossing
  24. 24. Eleventh Day (11-11-2010) Got up at 6:30am some of us took tea in the chai wallas kiosks outside the hotel. The tea is really very very good. All of us got readied by 8:00am and had our breakfast in the main hall on the ground floor. The hotel manager arranged for us conveyance and a pujari for performing pujas . We left for pasupathinath temple at 9:00am and visited the following: A. Guhyeshwari devi temple B. Other temples in the complex of Guhyeswari devi C. Pasupathinath mandir D. Kalabhairava temple The pujari who accompanied us explained to us history of this temples. he also assisted us in performing the pujas . The massive Nandi located in front of Pasupathinath is fully covered with gold plated brass covered . It is much more bigger than the Nandi at Bangalore Basavanna gudi Reached back hotel at 13:00 and had our lunch.
  25. 25. Temples at Pasupathinath
  26. 26. We engaged a 20 seater bus and left for local visit at 15:00. we engaged Mr Arjun as our guide. Visited the following: A. Three Budhist pagodas all in one line. B. Royal palace and the square from out side . C. Patan Krishna temple. D. Temples dedicated to pandavas particularly- Bheem at Bharathpur E. Jalnarayan Mandir F. The residence of Manisha koirala from out side. Return back to hotel at 21:00 and had dinner and retired
  27. 27. Buddhist pagodas
  28. 28. Patan krishna & Jal Narayana Temple
  29. 29. Twelfth Day (12-11-2010) Got up early finished our breakfast by 8:30am. Made some shopping. Collected rudraksha fruits fallen from the Bilva trees lined up in the compound of hotel. Vacated hotel settled bills purchased rope way tickets and left for pokhra at 10:30 am Reached manokamana temple at 12:30noon and gone up hill by rope way. Stayed for three hours and the top of the hill took several photographs performed pujas manokamanadevi . Came down by 16:00 . Reached pokhra KC hotel at 20:00 settled down in our respective rooms Had collective dinner at 21:00 and retired
  30. 30. Manokamana Temple
  31. 31. Thirteenth Day (13-11-2010) Got up early at 5:30am and assembled on the terrace of the hotel to see the view of Snow capped Annapurna mountain range before 7:30am We were very lucky the weather was clear and had excellent view of the orange coloured annapurna mountains . Most of us had a morning walk in the beautiful garden adjacent to the hotel We all had our breakfast -vacated the hotel at 9:00am We visited the following temples at pokhra : A. Pathalchengai B. Gupta mahadev gufa C. Varahi devi mandir located in the middle of Pehwa Lake D. Sevaral temples located on the bank of pehwa lake We reached varahi mandir by engaging boats paying Rs 60/- per head.head heavy snacks and left for sanauli at 14:00
  32. 32. Annapurna mountain Ranges
  33. 33. Temples at Pokhara
  34. 34. On the way at 18:00 we stopped at palace had our tea. There were a plenty of oranges in the bajar we purchased 10 baskets . Though the size of oranges is nearly double to nimbu the orenges were very sweet a peculiar verity avilable only in Nepal. Around at 22:00 we reached a place for dinner the hotel there is almost closed . We requested the owner to make atleast some roties for us. He oblized us and at 23:45 he served us freshly made roties and sabji really the food was very tasty and all of us have enjoyed it. Reached sanauli at 4:00am(14-11-2010). Had 3 hours sleep in a restaurant .
  35. 35. Fourteenth Day(14-11-2010) Got up at 7am taken small break fast surrendered unspent Nepali currency crossed the border at 7:30am. Reached varanasi around 14:00 and settled down in hotel buddha . Had collective dinner at 21:00 and retired
  36. 36. Fifteenth Day (15-11-2010) Some of us got up at 5:00am and gone to kedar ghat for bath. While returning Smt Gowri garu fell down from auto and had an injury on head at around 8:00am. The hotel staff perticularly shri Avdesh kumar helped us in taking her to the hospital. Since timely treatment having been given though the doctors suggested complete rest we parsuaded the hospital authorities to discharge her as special case at our risk as we have to get back to hydarabad on the same date. We have vacated the hotel at 16:30 settled the bills and reached the station at 17:00 Smt Mahalaxmi along with the other two persons who were attending her reached the railway station directly
  37. 37. The train was on time except shri KS Prasad boarded the train and left for hyderabad at 17:30 The entire day 16-11-2010 spent in train Reached hyderabad on 16-11-2010 16;00am Except the sad incident of accident on 14-11- 2010 the yathra indeed is an unforgetteble experience Mr KS Prasad left for Mumbai 15-11-2010 by Mahanagari express and reached on 16-11- 2010 18:00